Monday, August 31, 2015

Report on Voice of Abkhazia

Georgia (Abkhazia)

Broadcast radio station "Voice of Abkhazia" is disabled because of financial debts. Because of a small debt for the use of the transmission tower broadcasts off the radio "Voice of Abkhazia". Guide
channel assumes that this has been done to address the vertical of power.In this regard, the board, "the Voice of Abkhazia" spreads a specialstatement.

"August 19 Georgian government took another step towards the destruction of democratic values ?? - disabled broadcast" Voice of Abkhazia. "The last few hours of radio could not broadcast, in this situation the company is harmed and problems arise in employment on the radio people. Therefore, we
board members, become forced to turn to the Georgian authorities with a statement", - the statement reads.

It stresses that "The Voice of Abkhazia" for several years successfully broadcasts, however, due to the unstable advertising market has recently decreased revenues, respectively, the organization has had some financial difficulties.

Radio Company notes that a large part of the debt has already been paid, leaving only 30% of that "Voice of Abkhazia" covers on schedule.

"However, this morning we witnessed a "surprise" - because of the small debt tower cut off broadcasts "The Voice of Abkhazia". It is applied to a direct attack on freedom of expression and speech! We believe that we have carried out a targeted pressure. We call immediately restore the broadcast and provide us the period to cover the debt! We hope that you consider our problem and take appropriate action," - said in a statement the board "The Voice of Abkhazia".
(; via RUSdx Aug 23)
(BCDX-WWDXC/Top Nx 1220/31 Aug)