Friday, October 02, 2015

Blog Logs

Special thanks to Harold Sellers for sending in the following logs to Shortwave Central. What are YOU hearing on the bands ? Contributions are always welcome to the email address in the masthead.

KTWR QSL (Gayle Van Horn Collection)

All times UTC

11965 Guam-KTWR at 1055 with preacher till 1107, then “This program is brought to you by KTWR Philippines.”, contact info, songs going past 1111; s/off is supposed to be 1110 but I didn’t stay with it to see how late they went. - Weak, Oct 1 Sellers-BC

6050 Ecuador-HCJB at 1101 signing on with Ecuadorian national anthem, then announcements in Spanish, hymn and talk. - Poor, Oct 1 Sellers-BC

11965 Philippines- Voice of America relay 129 playing Yankee Doodle and IDs, 1130 s/on “Welcome to the Voice of America in Burmese.” HFCC, Aoki and EiBi all list 1200 s/on. - Fair, Oct 1 Sellers-BC

11665 Mlaysia-Wai FM at 1136 in Bahasa Malay with news, 1139 ID and music. - Good, Oct 1 Sellers-BC

RTM Malaysia QSL (Gayle Van Horn COollection)
9835 Malaysia-Sarawak FM at 1154 in Bahasa Malay with pop Malay music, several IDs, problem of audio breaking up. - Fair, Oct 1 Sellers-BC

6070 Canada-CFRX, Toronto at 1206, news by Dave Agar to 1207, then “Money Wise”. - Fair, co-channel QRM from China, Oct 1 Sellers-BC

11865 North Korea-Voice of Korea at 1230 with IS and ID, national anthem, signing on Japanese. - Fair, Oct 1 Sellers-BC

12020 Vietnam-Voice of Vietnam at 1235 with news by man and woman. - Poor, Oct 1 Sellers-BC

12065 Australia-Radio Australia at 1236 with financial news. Poor, poorest frequency of three, 9580 and 12085 both very good, Oct 1 Sellers-BC