Friday, September 23, 2016

RAE announces new features

11710.5, RAE, General Pacheco, 0445 UTC, Sep 08, tango music, 14431 SINPO. (Beryozkin)

15345.12, RAE, General Pacheco, 1920 UTC, Sep 15, usual Italian service. Pause of Foreign language programs on RAE Buenos Aires from Sep 16 till incl. Oct 05. Only music program will be distributed on all frequencies and on livestream internet. (B├╝schel)

A new stage in the history begins Oct 06 when RAE - RADIODIFUSION ARGENTINA ABROAD becomes RAE - ARGENTINA TO THE WORLD. Among the new features is the decision to maintain the present shortwave (15345 and 11710 from the transmitting plant of General Pacheco), where today we have some technical restrictions in the modulation stage, but with the challenge of solving and increase our shortwave presence. We continue transmitting in eight  languages, now with a homogeneous programming, which will be consistency in content with the specific contribution of each language with its peculiarities. (Slaen)
(DSWCI/DX Window 564)