Friday, May 19, 2017

All India Radio joins DRM Consoritum

AIR formally joins DRM Consortium, which hails its achievements in completing phase one

NEW DELHI: Although All India Radio has been among the foremost countries in the progress in adoption of digital radio mondiale technology, it has now formally become a member of the DRM Consortium and its leading bodies.

This fact was acknowledged in the recent DRM General Assembly held in Switzerland, where the fact that several car models launched this year in India are carrying standard DRM receivers was greeted with interest.

All India Radio has successfully completed phase-I of the national DRM digital radio roll-out. This involved the installation of 37 DRM transmitters, now operational, throughout the country. Of these, 35 are medium wave and 2 are shortwave transmitters. Both SW transmitters are for international service and are broadcasting in pure DRM. Out of the 35 MW transmitters, 2 are broadcasting in pure DRM, carrying two audio services in digital; the other 33 transmitters are working in simulcast mode. Out of these, 25 MW transmitters are working for 1 hour in pure DRM every day (Monday to Saturday). The transmission powers of these 35 transmitters are: 1000 kW (two), 300 kW (six), 200 kW (10), 100 kW (11) and 20 kW (six); two SW transmitters are 500 kW and 250 kW each.

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(Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi)