Monday, May 01, 2017

RAE Argentina Special QSL and Shortwave News

(QSL via Gayle Van Horn Collection)
During the time that requires the repair of our shortwave transmitter ,we are going to maintain our HF presence both in English and Spanish, via the WRMI relay station

It is fundamental for those who love the short wave sharing of this information, as well as the active participation of listeners and DXers through emails and post letters.
Your sound files in mp3 with audio captures or videos on YouTube listening RAE will be  welcome at

During the time of these experimental transmissions we will answer every reception report we receive from anywhere in the world through a special and numbered QSL card.
From the 2nd of May RAE Argentina to the World returns to the dial.
Remember: Every Friday the DX  program, "Actualidad DX .com . AR" is issued
Our programs are available on the web 24 hours a day in all 8 languages, and many of them also in podcast (see iTunes)
We also work with the AudioNow platform in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.
RAE Argentina to the World
Broadcasts on the short waves

SPANISH    Monday  through Friday  22:00 to 23:00 hs UTC on  5950 Khz , on the 49 m band *     Latin American Area
ENGLISH    Tuesday  through  Saturday   01:00 a 02:00 UTC on  9395 Khz,  on the  31 m band  *  USA & CANADA Area


The reception reports of your hearings sent to us by ordinary mail will be confirmed by a SPECIAL and NUMBERED QSL.

RAE Argentina to the World
P.O Box  555
1000 CABA
Buenos Aires

Facebook : conexionrae
Twitter: @conexionrae
(Adrian Korol)