Friday, May 19, 2017

Reach Beyond Australia updates shortwave programming

Dimapur, May 18 (EMN): Highland Dawn Media Nagaland (HDM) and Reach Beyond Australia (RBA) have announced broadcasting a new weekly Nagamese Christian Radio program.
This is among one of the first Nagamese Radio broadcasts specifically covering Northeast India and Myanmar to bless all Nagamese speaking people in the regions.
The program called ?From darkness to Light? will feature well known Naga pastors and preachers like Rev. Vizotuo Kiewhuo and Rev. Shan Kikon from Nagaland, including Rev. Luoliehu Yimsung from Australia.
Evangelism, family and relationships, health, youth programs and Nagamese Christian music from Nagaland and beyond will be featured in the program. In this regard, HDM has invited singers and musicians, who have recorded Nagamese Christian music, to contact them for Radio broadcast or recording of their songs and albums.
Pastors and listeners from remote places and villages in Eastern Nagaland and beyond can mark the times and frequency of the broadcast.
The Radio program will be broadcast every Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday at 5:45 pm IST, which will be 6:45 p.m. according to Myanmar Standard Time (MMT) [= 1215-1245 UTC]. The program can be heard on Short Wave Band Frequency: 9685 Khz (31 metres).
The broadcast will started on May 13 and will continue every week on the above mentioned days and time. The same program will also be posted and heard online soon at HDM?s online Radio website at .
(  May 16 )

Reach Beyond Australia have also added a broadcast in Matu to Myanmar also on 9685 kHz 1145-1215 UTC (Wed and Sat) and 1215-1245 UTC (Thurs), all from their Kununurra transmitter site near the northern tip of Western Australia. But their A17 schedule has dropped programs in Chinese (and Fujian).

This from their website:

New Languages added to Broadcast Schedule (Friday, 24 March 2017)
Reach Beyond Australia is constantly seeking ways to better serve listeners who have no or little access to the gospel in the South East Asia region. Our programming features a handful of languages spoken by people groups notably hungry for the message of salvation. Our new schedule of programs for A17, marks the beginning of an extended outreach to India and Myanmar with the addition of programs in the Nagamese and Matu languages.

Nagamese is widely spoken in Nagaland, a state in India?s North East, and among some remote villages of Myanmar, just across the border. Matu, in turn, is one of the languages of the Chin state of Myanmar. Two independent media ministries are coming alongside Reach Beyond in the task to make the gospel more available to those audiences. We strongly believe that the new broadcast services into India and Myanmar will impact many.

While expanding broadcast hours into South East Asia?s audiences, the A17 Schedule will also mark the end of our services for China. We praise God for the extensive shortwave Christian programming into that country being delivered daily by our friends in ministry TWR and FEBC. That will allow us to strengthen our focus on new audiences such as those within India and Myanmar. We are looking forward to this new broadcasting season and the fruit the programs will bear. As we all know, the word of God, when sent out, ?never returns empty?.

You can find our new program schedule here: