Monday, February 12, 2018

Absolute Radio threatens AM Service shutdown

Absolute Radio is wanting to reduce its medium wave coverage across the UK from 90% to 85%.
The Bauer station says that continuing to provide 90% population coverage is no longer ‘reasonably practicable’ and if permission is not granted for the reduction, it would result in Absolute Radio having to close down the entire AM Network.

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Ofcom has published a consultation on a proposed variation to Absolute Radio’s national analogue radio license.
Absolute Radio is seeking to reduce its medium wave (AM) coverage across the UK, from 90% to 85%.
The station would continue to be available to listeners in the affected areas via DAB digital radio, via television on the Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media platforms, and via the internet.
We are now seeking views from interested or affected parties which must be submitted by 26 February 2018. We will take all responses into account before reaching a final decision.
The consultation can be found at
 Extract from the consultation:
On 17 January 2018, Ofcom received a formal submission from Absolute Radio proposing to introduce two changes to its AM network that, taken together, would reduce coverage to c.85.4%. These changes are:

a) reducing the transmitting power at five transmitter sites by 3dB as soon as possible following Ofcom’s approval, which would reduce total coverage from 90.5% to 88.7%; and

b) closing 12 transmitter sites from May 2018, which would further bring total coverage down to 85.4%. These transmitters are located at Plymouth, Redmoss (Aberdeen), Hull, Torbay, Redruth, Hoo (Kent), Greenside Scalp (Dundee), Wallasey, Pirbright (Guildford), Chesterton Fen (Cambridge), Rodbourne Sewage (Swindon) and Sheffield.
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