Monday, February 19, 2018

Monitoring Russia

All times UTC

Logs edited for clarity

7345 kHz, at 0009, on Feb 4. NVK Radio Sakha Iakutsk. Somewhat distorted signal at strong level. Wonder whether this is due to a cochannel, but all I can see on the Perseus waterfall is a smeared signal over almost 80 Hz (the carrier, that is). Not in Russian, but Yakutian language with a discussion. (Walt Salmaniw-BC-CAN, on Masset-BC-CAN mini exp. via DXplorer Feb 2-5)

5940 kHz, Radio Rossii Kamchatka. Aassume via the Yelizovo transmitter site on the Kamchatka peninsula; at 0240-0300 sign-off on Feb 14. Very poor reception, with interference from what sounded like IBRA Media, Radio Sadaye Zindagi, via Al Dhabayya, United Arab Emirates. Male/female announcers  chatting, possibly in Russian.

0259 with music. Positive "Radio Rossii" identification before and after 0300 time pips.Presume this was "Radio Rossii Kamchatka," as it fits their former schedule. The 0300 sign-off happened in mid-sentence. Have been monitoring this due to recent reports of Kamchatka testing here, made by Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan) and Dave Valko (USA). Thanks also for the assistance of Mauno Ritola (Finland).

 Re: Russia - Radio Rossii Kamchatka on 5940 kHz. Thanks very much to Hiroyuki-san, et al., for this additional info, confirming it was Radio Rossii Kamchatka that I heard.
Audio heard as; 
"Kamchatskaya radio prodolzhit' svoyu rabotu (maybe "time" announcement).  seychas slushayete Radio Rossii."  mean : "*Kamchatka radio* to continue its work at (maybe "time"). And now you are listening to Radio of Russia." Thanks to Japanese DXer: K.INOUE and KONSU !! I referred to their advice. (Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Feb 14)

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