Monday, February 19, 2018

QSLing Meteorological Radio Station HLL2

South Korea
5857.5  Meteorological Radio Station HLL2.  South Meteorological Radio Station HLL2 of Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) sent me a printed QSL card for my reception report in
English, enclosing 1,000 won note (=US$0.9), after two months.

Their official frequency is 5857.5 kHz USB (call HLL2) for voice information. They broadcast meteorological information in voice - wind direction, wind velocity, weather, wave height of present, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow - in marine areas around Korean peninsula, at 00 - 40 minutes every hour in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese for about 10 minutes each.

The transmitter is Korean made HSS-5KSA (5 kW), using 18 meter cage antenna, located in Gimpo, west of Seoul. They also broadcast shortwave FAX on 3585, 7433.5, 9165, 13570 kHz (schedule not known).

Mailing address:
Marine Meteorology Division
Korea Meteorological Administration
61, Yeouidaebang-ro 16-gil
Dongjak-ku, Seoul 07062, Korea Republic

(in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese), but there is no mention about
this broadcast.
(Takahito Akabayashi-Tokyo-Japan; via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Feb 14/Top News 1334)