Friday, November 29, 2019

DRM Conference Front and Center at Russia

Conference unveiled initial DRM in FM trial results and looked at various aspects of the digital radio standard

RW STAFF 27 Nov 2019

Russian broadcasters took a deep dive into the realm of digital radio with a conference, “Digital Broadcasting Standard DRM: Results of the Experimental Zone and Development Prospects in the Russian Federation,” held in St. Petersburg on Nov. 18.

The conference highlighted the initial results of the DRM for FM trial in St. Petersburg and featured a number of speakers who provided insights into where digital radio stands in Russia.

According to reports, trial results thus far show that for “stable reception of a digital signal, significantly lower field strengths and signal-to-noise ratios are required, which allows achieving parity of service areas with FM broadcasting, ceteris paribus, an order of magnitude lower transmitter power.”
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