Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bulgarian National Radio begins digital broadcast for listeners abroad

The Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) yesterday began trial DRM digital broadcasts for listeners abroad. Presenting the project, BNR Director General Valery Todorov said “We hope to be able to attract attention to the need for more accelerated rates in joining the digital era”.
The digital trials will continue with a six-hour long mix of BNR’s three channels - Horizont, Hristo Botev and Radio Bulgaria in five languages. The broadcasts are designed for citizens of Central and Western Europe as well as the extensive Bulgarian Diaspora there.
The new technology will make it possible to effect substantial cutbacks on BNR broadcasting costs, improve the quality of the service and transmit an integrated multimedia product, Valery Todorov said.
(Source: Radio Bulgaria)
According to the DRM website, the schedule is:
0600-1200 Fri-Sun on 11900 kHz
0900-1200 Mon-Thu on 11900 kHz
1300-1600 Mon-Thu on 9700 kHz
All beamed 306 degrees, with 20 kW power
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)