Friday, May 14, 2010

chasing pirate radio on shortwave

thanks to the folks from Free Radio Weekly for sharing last weeks newsletter. Enjoy todays selection, and see what you can hear this weekend.

All times UTC *sign-on /sign-off*

Captain Morgan Shortwave
6924.7v AM. 2323. Another huge signal from the Captain, started off S8 then soon up to S9+10. Playing lots of oldie blues numbers. Station ID and email address. Slowly drifting downward. (Elvis, TN)

Captain Morgan Shortwave
6924.6 AM, 0016-0052.* Program of jazz, blues, and vocals hosted by Captain Morgan with several IDs and e-mail address as , but IDs and address were generally lost in the noise until around 0048 and 0052. Poor to fair signal quality (D’Angelo-PA)

Captain Morgan Shortwave
6924.6 AM 2320, SINPO 35323. Audio slightly muffled, ID even more so. but clearly Capt Morgan cutting through the static crashs (Ragnar)

Captain Morgan Shortwave
6925.5 USB, 0125. Mistress Evilena talking about various topics. Signal S7, co-channel with 6925 AM playing music. Evilena off around 0130, and immediately heard the Twilight Zone theme and blues songs, 6924.8 AM, signal S9/S15 with noted thunderstorm noise. Captain Morgan ID at 0134. Best I've heard Captain Morgan here in many months. Crosstown Traffic, and Tzone theme again at 0138. Extended music and comedy set. Off at 0238. (Will, MD)

6950.4 AM 0049, SINPO 45333. Some kind of wonderful, five minute mystery, All Summer Long. Coyote Radio ID at 0123 (Ragnar)

Derby Shortwave
6930 USB, 0034. Derby Shortwave is one the air! Bugle call, Old Kentucky Home song, ID and email. Signal fair to good. (Elvis, TN)

Derby Shortwave
6930 USB 0030-0048, SINPO 35343. Station on with Old Kentucky Home song. Kentucky Derby horse race. (Ragnar)

Northwoods Radio
6935 USB, 0139-0152. Music program with ID mentioning, “broadcasting freedom from the Great Lakes.” Song, My Best Friend’s Girlfriend followed. Signal fair (D’Angelo-PA)

Outhouse Radio
6925 USB, 0138, SIO 433. Some odd propagation effects but very strong signal. Bad Boys tune. Signals slightly drifting. Station ID at 0143, into rap music (Fansome, PA)

Radio Cinco de Mayo
6925 USB, 0124, SINPO 35333. Announcer with faux Mexican accent to ID. Mexican music. Signal down to the noise floor at 0142 (Ragnar)

Wind Up Radio
6952.10 USB, Parody of Georgia Satellites tune, Keep Your Hands to Yourself. Very strong signal with good conditions, S9/S15. Occasionally, an equally strong utility fires up on 6955 and causes a squeal. Wind Up Radio station identification at 0103. Friendly Little Cat tune at 0104. Low fidelty audio. Goodbyes and sign off at 0119. (Will, MD)

Wolverine Radio
6950 USB, 0234. On the air with outstanding S9+10 signal into Barenaked Ladies Testing 1,2,3 then into Cream songs. (Elvis, TN)
(FRW 743 via Bill Finn)