Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Radio Moldova International launches contest

Radio Moldova International launches contest Discover the Republic of Moldova. This contest is aimed to encourage the listeners from abroad to listen to the RMI station, motivate them find more information about the Republic of Moldova, familiarize them with the national values, promote in such a way the interest and the image of the Republic of Moldova in the world. The current year topic is Tourism in Moldova.

While participating in our contest, you will have the possibility to find out the most picturesque places and legends linked to Moldova. The winner of the contest will have the possibility to visit them, or the Grand Prix of the contest is a trip to Moldova. Only listeners of the RMI station
from abroad are eligible to participate. This contest will take place in 15 stages during the period of 17 May to 12 July 2010 with each stage consisting of 3 questions.

The first refers to the general knowledge of the participants about Moldova. The second one is related to the tourist attractions of Moldova talked about over the year and the third one is from the stories aired in between the stages. The questions will be broadcast in Monday and Thursday programs and placed on the site

The answers will be sent by email within a week after they are announced, at the following address (or)
They will be scored from 0 to 3 points, depending on correctness. The winners will be nominated, according to the points gained during those 15 stages. The Regulations of the Contest "Discover the Republic of Moldova" is on the following site at:

We invite you to participate in this contest, test your knowledge, find new things and you will discover an unknown Moldova. (Station Direct modified slightly by RAD). No longer on shortwave but clearly designed for "international listeners" presumably via Internet.
(RAD via DXplorer May 11)
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