Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog Logs

// parallel frequency *sign-on - sign-off*
All times UTC
logs edited for clarity

11710.8, Radiodifusión Argentina al Exterior, General Pacheco, Buenos Aires, 2155-2205. German until 2155, 2155-2200 interval signal and station IDs in broadcasting languages of RAE, 2200-2202 music and IDs in the same languages. Spanish program starting 2205, SINPO 45444. (Beryozkin). Also heard at 0005-0020, Portuguese talks, Argentine music and then news bulletin - good with slight fading and local noise. (Timofeyev in DXplorer/DX Window 458)

4835, VL8A Alice Springs, NT, 1320-1323. Phone-in program discussing raising special needs children, talk program about alcoholism, SINPO 45343. (Sellers). Also heard at 1825-2000, Aboriginal and English phone-in program. SINPO 45343 (Beryozkin). And at 2132-3136. News and comments in English, SINPO 13321 // 5025. (Méndez/DX Window 458)

9745, Radio Bahrain, Abu Hayan, 2357-0020. Carrier + USB. Audible when Romania signed off at 2357*. Traditional local music, local pop music and ballads. Poor. Weak but readable in noisy conditions. (Alexander in DXplorer/DX Window 458)
6034.74, BBS, Sangaygang, Thimphu. Vernacular and English. Several times on Jun 30, I heard the same indigenous instrumental theme music as heard on BBS on 5030 back on Dec 15. From 1427 to 1458 a woman chatting on the phone with different people, 1458 theme music and seemed to be an ID in English, into assume the news in English; poor. At you can find my recorded music (MP3). Must be full power now, strong enough to overpower Yunnan PBS. However, on Jul 01 found BBS was either off the air or back to running reduced power; random checking from 1258 to 1407 heard no heterodyne at all; nothing on 6034.74; only heard what sounded like the usual Yunnan PBS on 6035.0. Completely different from yesterdays positive BBS reception that overpowered Yunnan PBS. (Howard)

6035.00, BBS, Sangaygang, Thimphu, 1935, Jul 03. Wandering around 6034.997 down to 6034.990, and accompanied by annoying audio hum. Peaks on 147 and 544 hertz away, some peaks seen and heard on that channel; easily to check against web livestream at . (Bueschel). Also heard at 1958-2310, Jul 05, 06 and 07, talk in Asian language (definately not Mandarin or Vietnamese!) and short local inst music, slight hum, SINPO 44333 // . On Jul 08 a strong carrier noted 2055-2230, but no modulation and no streaming radio audio on the BBS web site ( ). (Churchill listening on receivers in South Africa and England, Petersen and Timofeyev/DX Window 458)

6134.896, Radio Santa Cruz, 0045-0100. Clear signal here of music and Spanish comments between tunes. Additional comments at 0049 over the music, of an unrealted topic. Signal fair-poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6180, Radio Nacional da Amazônia, Brasilia, DF, 0459-0900. RNA transmits a big humbuzz and no programming; same on // 11780 on Jun 30. But on Jul 03 Portuguese comments, "2 horas 27 minutos en Brasilia", "En Brasilia 2 horas 53 minutos, Radio Nacional da Amazonia, musica made in Brazil, samba", program "Madrugada Nacional", 34433. (Sellers and Wagai). Also heard at 2115-2330, Jul 05 and 07, Portuguese talk, soccer comments: "Bahia y Botafogo", ID: "Nacional a radio da cidadania", SINPO 43333 with adjacent interference. (Méndez and Petersen/DX Window 458)

9625, CBC North Quebec Service, Sackville , 2154-2207.* Country music, then conversation between a man in vernacular and a woman answering in English (!), SINPO 45444 until 2200, 43443 after 2200, Interference from NHK Japan in Japanese on 9620. (Beryozkin/DX Window 458)

9558.64v, Voice of Peace and Democracy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, *0358-0430.* Horn of Africa music, opening ID 0359 and vernacular talk. Some Horn of Africa music. Poor to fair in noisy conditions. Varying between 9558.64 - 9558.71. Weak on // 7234.30v - varying up to 7234.47. Mo, We, Fr only. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Costa Rica
3350 Radio Exterior Espana relay, 0258 in Spanish // 6055. Group pop vocals and a man with talk then time pips at 0300 and a man with “Radio Nacional de Espana - Noticias” and into a man and woman with news - Fair with static crashes. (Mark Coady, Canada/Cumbre DX)

11760, Radio Habana Cuba 1935. Mailbag program. SIO 252. (Bob Fraser, ME).

4780, Radiodiffusion Télévision de Djibouti, Arta, *0258-0320. Fade out to open carrier until indigenous music opening, Arabic ID and opening announcements and recitations. Fair at first but fading rapidly. (D’Angelo). Also heard with late sign on at *0317-0330, Jul 08, abrupt sign on with Arabic talk. Weak. Poor in noisy conditions. (Alexander in DXplorer/DX Window 458)

4055, Radio Verdad at 0211 in Spanish. Male preacher with a slow and deliberate delivery with mentions of “Verdad” and “Jesus” - Fair with static crashes (Mark Coady, Canda/Cumbre DX)

6135.00, Radio Madagasikara, Ambohidrano, 1342-1405. For a long time was formerly on 6135.2. Today disturbing Shiokaze (scheduled *1330-1430*) moved to 5985.0 (now blocking Myanmar [5985.84] and causing a heterodyne). French speeches with applause. Some audio problems with segments very muffled, but mostly had good audio, 1356 IDs and advertisements via long path. MP3 audio posted at . Rather surprised to find them doing so well. (Ron Howard, CA)

9835, Sarawak FM, 1105. Bahasa Malay. Man with news until 1110, music bridge and then songs, ID as “Sarawak FM” at 1118. Fair with RTTY interference. (Harold Sellers-BC, Canada)

North Korea
11710, Voice of Korea 1300. english sign-on with into, followed by patriotic music with female's response. Signal fair. SIO 351 (Bob Fraser, ME).

Papua New Guinea
6040 PNG, NBC Port Moresby, 1020 July 12. English, song ending and ID as “National Broadcasting Corporation of Papua New Guinea”, announcements about their election coverage and at 1024 began giving vote counts, parallels noted were 3205, 3315, 3905 nothing heard on 4890 which was reported active yesterday. Fair. (Harold Sellers-BC, Canada)

6040, NBC Port Moresby with NBC National Radio, the Voice of Papua New Guinea programming,randomly from 0817 to 1000, July 12. Amazing how this 10 kW station has fair reception on a daily basis. In Tok Pisin reporting on a “power lackout”, “standby generator”, etc. (so is not entirely in English!). Usual ad for BSP (Bank of South Pacific) in English to local time checks. Many station IDs: “N-B-C National Radio, the Voice of Papua New Guinea.” Today intermittently played some pop songs. Bird call at 0901 into the NBC National news in English with election coverage. Today was not able to confirm all the // stations, but clearly Wantok Radio Light on 7324.95 was the strongest // by far, with the news till 0914 when they had their usual announcement (“Wantok Radio Light management thanks the National Broadcasting Corporation for allowing us to relay the daily bulletin. Join us at seven AM for the next N-B-C National News”). Checked 4890 till 1000 with no results of anything. contains MP3 audio
(Ron Howard, San Francisco at Ocean Beach, CA, Etón E1)

9855, FEBC Radio, 1053. Keyboard music (like a xylophone) interval signal and English ID repeated, “This is FEBC Radio broadcasting from Manila, Philippines.” Would have been 1100 sign-on in Vietnamese but RHC signed on 9850 at 1058 overwhelming 9855. Fair until RHC sign-on. (Harold Sellers-BC, Canada)

13800 Radio Romania International 2053. DX Mailbag program. (Bob Fraser, ME).

South Africa
3320, Sondergrense at 0225 in Afrikaans with local pop music and a man with talk at 0255 re-check - Weak with static crashes and utility interference. (Mark Coady, Canada/Cumbre DX)

9505, CVC 2105. Religious program Brotherhood. SIO 453. (Bob Fraser, ME).