Monday, July 02, 2012

Vatican Radio updates summer schedule

Effective from: 01 July 2012

All times UTC

0400-0415 daily EaAf 9660SMG 11625MDC
1630-1645 daily EaAf 13765SMG 15570SMG

Amharic/Russian/Armenian/Ukrainian (Oriental Liturgy)
0830-0950 Sun WeEu 11740SMG
0830-0950 Sun EaAf 15595SMG 17590SMG

0950-1030 Sun NoAf 15550SMG
0950-1030 Sun SoAf 17570MDC
0950-1030 Sun SoAs 17590SMG
0950-1030 Sun WeEu 6075SMG 7250SMG 9645SMG 11740SMG
0950-1030 Sun N/ME 15595SMG

Arabic Days Area kHz
0400-0430 daily NoAf 9645SMG
0400-0430 daily N/ME 11715SMG
0430-0455 daily N/ME 11715SMG
0645-0705 Mon-Sat WeEu 6075SMG
0645-0705 Mon-Sat NoAf 7250SMG 9645SMG
0645-0705 Mon-Sat N/ME 15595SMG
1530-1600 daily N/ME 11935SMG 15595SMG
2040-2100 daily NoAf 9645SMG

0205-0230 daily CeAs 7335SMG 9645SMG
1545-1610 daily CeAs 11715SMG 15185SMG till Sep.1
1545-1610 daily CeAs 9585SMG 11715SMG from Sep.2

1700-1720 daily EaEu 11715SMG till Sep.1
1700-1720 daily EaEu 7360SMG from Sep.2

1225-1315 daily EaAs 9900IRK 11890PUG 17590SMG
2200-2245 daily EaAs 9600PHT 12035SMG 15460TIN

0140-0200 daily SoAs 9580SMG 11730TAC
0250-0320 daily NCAm 7305SAC 9610SAC till July 31
0300-0330 daily SoAs 15460PUG
0300-0330 daily CeAf 7360MDC
0500-0530 daily ESAf 11625MDC 13765MDC
0630-0645 Mon-Sat N/ME 15595SMG
0630-0700 daily NWAf 11625SMG 13765SMG
1200-1215 Mon-Sat CeAm 13730SAC till July 31
1530-1600 daily SoAs 11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC
1615-1630 daily N/ME 15595SMG
1730-1800 daily ECAf 11625SMG 13765SMG 15570SMG
1945-2030 daily NoAm 9800SAC DRM till July 31
2000-2030 daily WCAf 9755SMG 11625SMG

English (Mass)
1130-1200 Fri N/ME 15595SMG 17590SMG

1920-1930 Wed/Thu N/ME 13765SMG
0500-0520 Mon/Sat NoEu 9810SMG

0230-0250 daily NCAm 9610BON till Sep.1
0230-0250 daily NCAm 6040BON from Sep.2
0430-0500 daily ECAf 9660SMG 11625SMG
0600-0630 daily NWAf 11625SMG 13765SMG
0615-0630 Mon-Sat N/ME 15595SMG
1600-1615 daily N/ME 15595SMG
1700-1730 daily ECAf 13765SMG 15570SMG
2030-2100 daily WCAf 9755SMG 11625SMG

0040-0100 daily SoAs 9580SMG 11730TAC
0200-0220 daily SoAs 15460PUG
1430-1450 daily SoAs 11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC

0600-0615 Mon-Sat N/ME 15595SMG
1155-1220 daily N/ME 17590SMG
1155-1220 daily WCAf 21675SMG
1900-1930 daily N/ME 13765SMG

Italian (Mass)
0730-0830 Sun WeEu 7250SMG

Latin (Mass)
0530-0600 daily WeEu 6075SMG 7250SMG 9645SMG
0530-0600 daily N/ME 15595SMG

0120-0140 daily SoAs 9580SMG 11730TAC
0240-0300 daily SoAs 15460PUG
1510-1530 daily SoAs 11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC

Papal Audience
0815-1000 Wed WeEu 6075SMG

0030-0100 daily SoAm 15470BON
0530-0600 daily WeAf 11625SMG
0530-0600 daily CSAf 13765MDC 15570SMG
1055-1130 Mon-Sat SoAm 13730SAC till July 31
1800-1830 daily ECAf 11625SMG 13765SMG
1800-1830 daily WeAf 15570SMG

Romanian (Liturgy)
0610-0730 Sun EaEu 7250SMG 9645SMG

new 1840-1900 daily WeEu 6075SMG 7250SMG 9645SMG
1840-1900 daily ECAf 9755SMG
1840-1900 daily WeAf 11625SMG
1840-1900 daily N/ME 13765SMG

1230-1300 daily CeAs 13685TAC 17865SMG
1610-1640 daily EaEu 11715SMG 15185SMG till Sep.1
1610-1640 daily EaEu 9585SMG 11715SMG from Sep.2

0345-0400 Sun EaAf 11625MDC
1615-1630 Sat EaAf 13765SMG 15570SMG

0100-0230 daily SoAm 9610bon
0320-0400 daily NCAm 7305SAC 9610SAC till July 31
1130-1200 daily CeAm 13730SAC till July 31
1200-1215 Sun CeAm 13730SAC till July 31
1900-1930 Sat WCAf 9755SMG 11625SMG

0330-0345 Sun ECAf 7360MDC
0330-0400 Mon-Sat ECAf 7360MDC
1600-1615 daily ECAf 13765SMG 15570SMG
1615-1630 Sun-Fri ECAf 13765SMG 15570SMG

0500-0520 Tu-Fr/Su NoEu 9810SMG

0100-0120 daily SoAs 9580SMG 11730TAC
0220-0240 daily SoAs 15460PUG
1450-1510 daily SoAs 11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC

0415-0430 daily EaAf 9660SMG 11625MDC
1645-1700 daily EaAf 13765SMG 15570SMG

1640-1700 daily EaEu 11715SMG 15185SMG till Sep.1
1640-1700 daily EaEu 9585SMG 11715SMG from Sep.2

Ukrainian (Liturgy)
0610-0745 Sun EaEu 9850SMG 11740SMG

0025-0040 Mon/Thu SoAs 9580SMG 11730TAC
1410-1430 Wed/Sun SoAs 11850PHT 13765SMG 17520MDC

1315-1400 daily SEAs 9900PHT 11890TIN
2315-2400 daily SEAs 9600PHT 12035SMG

Special broadcast on Sunday July 1 at 1000 UTC. From St. Peter's Square
the Holy Father Benedict XVI presides at the recitation of the Angelus.
Live broadcast starting from 0950 UTC on the following frequencies:
6075SMG to CeEu 15550SMG to WeAf
7250SMG to CeEu 15595SMG to N/ME
9645SMG to EaEu 17570MDC to SoAf
11740SMG to WeEu 17590SMG to EaAs

Cancelled languages: Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, German, Hungarian,
Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian(except Liturgy), Slovak, Slovenian.

Cancelled all European transmissions in English, French, Italian(except Liturgy),
Spanish, Portuguese.

Cancelled morning transmissions in Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian.

Cancelled evening transmissions in Finnish, Swedish
(Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria/01 July)