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World Radio Network Program Preview

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Welcome to the latest edition of the WRN Newsletter which keeps you informed of upcoming programme highlights on WRN Broadcast's English networks that broadcast to North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.

On June 29th Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) reduced their production of English programmes. This has necessitated a number of schedule changes across our English networks. From June 30th we only broadcast RNW programming on the weekends, please check our schedules for details of the new line-up.

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A Prairie Home Companion

Sunday, July 8 2012:

This week on "A Prairie Home Companion", from the renowned Interlochen Center for the Arts, it's a live broadcast performance with Garrison Keillor. With special guests, student musicians, trumpeter Theo Van Dyck and soprano Sage DeAgro-Ruopp, as well as the students and faculty of the Interlochen Arts Camp String Octet. Also on the programme, the Royal Academy of Radio Actors; Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman, The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, and the latest News from Lake Wobegon.

In Africa and Europe: 1100 BST / 1200 CET / 1300 CAT

Asia Calling

Sunday, July 8 2012: Asia Calling

This week on "Asia Calling": In a major setback to campaigners seeking justice for the victims of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster, a New York federal court last week dismissed a lawsuit against Union Carbide and its former CEO Warren Anderson. While Union Carbide owned the pesticide plant when the disaster that killed thousands struck – the court said the company bears no responsibility for the tragedy. The ruling has sparked protest from the survivors who have been calling for compensation and the site – which contains thousands of tons of toxic waste – is to be cleaned up for good.

Following its ban on music, Taliban militants have recently bombed several music shops in Pakistan, claiming they are un-Islamic. But the more pressure there is to ban music, the more people find innovative ways to keep listening to their favourite songs. In the tribal and often volatile area of Khyber Agency, young people are now using their cells phones to circumvent the rules. Mudassar Shah joins an underground party in the tribal region of Pakistan to find out how.

In recent decades, South Korea has relied on migrant labor to help keep its economy running. Many come from Southeast and South Asia, but the majority of those foreign workers, about 600 hundred thousand, are from northeast China. They’re ethnically Korean and get special visas. However this year, tens of thousands will have to return home – and many say its unfair. From Seoul, reporter Jason Strother has the story.

For the first time Thailand has played host to an International Buddhist Film Festival.The international films cover a range of largely Buddhist themes from countries as diverse as Japan, Cambodia and Thailand, to more distant links in Argentina and even Iran. In a world fueled by consumption but hinged on economic uncertainty, the filmmakers and organisers say the diverse range of messages conveyed at the festival are relevant to the modern world. Ron Corben has more.

In North America: 2230 ET / 1930 PT

In Europe: 2100 BST / 2200 CET

In Africa and Asia 1100 UTC / 1300 CET / 1200 CAT

ABC/Radio Australia

Innovations" is a showcase of Australian design, discoveries, invention, engineering and research skills.

In Europe: 0800 BST / 0900 CET

In Africa and Asia 1730 UTC / 1830 CET / 1930 CAT

Radio Guangdong

Saturday, July 7and Sunday, July 8 2012: Radio Guangdong

Radio Guangdong, established in October 1949, is a leading radio group in south China. Radio Guangdong programmes cover political, economic, social and cultural issues; programmes about Guangdong, programmes about Guangdong people and programmes linking Guangdong with the world.

In North America: Sat 1200 ET / 0900 PT
Sun 2030 ET / 1730 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: Sat 0015 UTC / 0215 CAT
Sat 2045 UTC / 2245 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: Sat 0015 UTC / 1015 AEDT Sat 2045 UTC / 0745 (Sun) AEDT

In Europe: Sat 2045 BST / 2145 CET

Radio Netherlands

Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8 2012: Radio Netherlands

In "The State We're In", Jonathan Groubert and his team look at current events from an unexpected perspective.

Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8 2012: Radio Netherlands "Earth Beat"

In this week's "Earth Beat": THE GLAMOUR OF FLYING: Flying used to be such fun, an exhilarating miracle worth getting dressed up for; cocktails served on doilies, hot food and charm. Air hostess Jane Parson shares with Marnie the joy of the glory days. Later, the presenters ask air travellers at Schiphol what they think of Amsterdam’s airport experience.

AN AIRPORT ANTHROPOLOGIST: Manchester International is home to the world’s only airport anthropologist, surely the best person to tell us about the airport environment. Marnie joins Damien O’Doherty for a bit of people-watching.

ANTI-TERROR PLANTS: What if the security experience was less snaking queues and scanning machines and more like a walk in the park? Plants aren’t the first things you’d think of as weapons against the so-called global war on terror… Until now. June Medford at the University of Colorado has created plants that can spot a suspect from several metres away and warn security – by changing colour.

DAMIEN O’DOHERTY, PART 2: A study at Manchester suggests that the security experience puts people in a real fluster, and flustered people are not good for retail. This, as Damian explains, is where clever design comes in.

TINY AIRPORT: We drop into a couple of African airports where order and planning are not particularly apparent though seem to work surprising well. Bram Posthumus, Radio Netherlands West Africa correspondent is our guide.

Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8 2012: Radio Netherlands "Bridges With Africa"

The destruction of Timbuktu’s holy shrines – can things get any worse for Mali? / A special edition on South Sudan – one year on. / It’s Mali again! With its most outspoken rapper, Amkoullel.

Radio Netherlands broadcast times:
In North America: Sat 0900 ET / 0600 PT
Sun 1800 ET / 1500 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: Sat 0700 UTC / 0900 CAT
Sun 1200 UTC / 1400 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific Sat 0700 UTC / 1700 AEDT
Sun 1200 UTC / 2200 AEDT

In Europe: 1800 BST / 1900 CET

Radio New Zealand International

Saturday, July 7, Sunday, July 8 and Monday, July 9 2012: Radio New Zealand International

RNZI is New Zealand's only shortwave station, broadcasting to the Island nations of the Pacific. Its broadcasts range from Papua New Guinea in the west across to French Polynesia in the east, covering all South Pacific countries in between.

In this week’s headlines: Polling in Papua New Guinea's general election to be extended / Former world leaders get together in Papeete with advice for the region / Fiji TV faces an uncertain future / Cruise ship operator calls for Vanuatu wharf upgrades / Efforts to improve the performance of Pacifika tertiary students in New Zealand / Could crabs from the region be a medicine of the future?

In North America: Mon - Fri 1200 ET / 0900 PT

Sun 1530 ET / 1230 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: 1700 UTC / 1900 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: 1600 UTC / 0200 AEDT

In Europe: Sun 1400 BST / 1500 CET
Sat 0430 BST / 0530 CET

National Public Radio

Saturday, July 7 2012: NPR "Fresh Air"

"Fresh Air" with Terry Gross, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programmes. Though "Fresh Air" has been categorised as a "talk show", it hardly fits the mould. Its 1994 Peabody Award citation credits "Fresh Air" with "probing questions, revelatory interviews and unusual insights". A variety of top publications count Gross among America's leading interviewers. The show gives interviews as much time as needed, and complements them with comments from well-known critics and commentators.

In Europe: 1100 BST / 1200 CET

Radio Romania International

Friday, July 6 and Saturday, July 7 2012: Radio Romania International

Tune in to the regular feature "A Challenge for the Future". This edition is titled "Nuclear energy – danger or rescue?", it looks at the conclusions of the nuclear security summit recently held in Seoul. Later, "Practical Guide" will bring some useful information on airlines.

Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8 2012: Radio Romania International

"World of Culture" introduces you to the Vertigo Dance Company, one of the most renowned contemporary Israeli dance companies, which participated in the 2012 Sibiu International Theatre Festival. "RRI Encyclopaedia" talks about the "V.A. Urechia" Library in Galati (Southeastern Romania). Inaugurated in 1890, the library is home to rare 15th century literature. In "Roots" you can discover the traditional Romanian linen shirt, an item that usually appears on tourists' souvenir lists. And, for a more flavorful weekend, listen to "The Cooking Show", which brings you a typical Romanian dish: mititei. The mititei are traditional Romanian short grilled sausages, made of pork, beef and mutton, laced with spices. They are one of the most popular and savory local treats.

Sunday, July 8 and Monday, July 9 2012: Radio Romania International

"Inside Romania" introduces us to the 10th edition of the Infomatrix international IT project competition, held in Bucharest in May this year. And, should you want to unwind, tune in to "All that Jazz", but don't forget about the regular Romanian class – "Romanian without Tears".

Monday, July 9 and Tuesday, July 10 2012: Radio Romania International

"Pro Memoria" browses through Romania's history to mark 200 years since the country lost the province of Bessarabia to Russia. In May 1812, Bessarabia, a region stretching between the Prut and the Niester rivers, was annexed to Russia, under a peace treaty which put an end to the Russian-Turkish war.

Tuesday, July 10 and Wednesday, July 11 2012: Radio Romania International

In "Business Club" the team focuses on Romania's relations with the IMF.

Wednesday, July 11 and Thursday, July 12 2012: Radio Romania International

Listen to "Society Today", with an edition entitled "The Down Syndrome – the Option for Life".

Thursday, July 12 and Friday, June 13 2012: Radio Romania International

"Traveller's Guide" takes us to Danube Gorges, an ideal vacationing site.

Radio Romania International broadcast times:

In North America: 0600 ET / 0300 PT
1730 ET / 1430 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: 1130 UTC / 1330 CAT
0430 UTC / 0630 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: 1130 UTC / 0130 AEDT
0430 UTC / 1830 AEDT

In Europe: Mon - Fri 1400 BST / 1500 CET 2000 BST / 2100 CET

RTE Ireland

Sunday, July 8 2012: RTE Ireland

"Off The Shelf", presented by Andy O'Mahony is RTÉ Radio 1's book programme in which a carefully selected panel of contributors are set loose on one topic or individual.

This week: Gerry O’Flaherty, Terence Killeen and Anne Fogarty discuss Gordon Bowker’s biography of James Joyce.

In North America: 2100 ET / 1800 PT

In Africa and the Middle East: 0230 UTC / 0430 CAT

In Asia and the Pacific: 0230 UTC / 1030 AEDT

United Nations Radio

Saturday, July 7, Sunday, July 8 and Monday, July 9 2012: United Nations Radio "UN and Africa"

"UN and Africa" is a weekly radio programme that aims to cover topical and current affairs-related stories about what the UN is doing for Africa, in Africa and about Africa.

In Africa and the Middle East: Sun 1030 UTC / 1230 CAT
In Asia and the Pacific: Sun 1030 UTC / 2130 AEDT

In Europe: Sun 0500 BST / 0600 CET

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