Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Blog Logs

All times UTC

// parallel frequency   *sign-on / sign-off*

7465, Radio Tirana 2055. German service including an aria from Madam Butterfly. Station ID, interval signal and English identification. (Fraser)

11690, AWR Europe 1925. Announcer's religious comments to clear "A W R" identification (twice) at 1927 with postal and web address. Presume language is listed Hausa service. "This is Adventist World Radio" at 1930 into French service. (Van Horn).

12105, Zimbabwe Community Radio/Radio Dialogue 1624-1635, Female's "canned" full station ID for "Radio Dialogue" in English amid male's Ndebele and Shona announcements. Meeting/speech about government issues to 1631."Youre listening to Dialogue FM" over hip-hop followed by shortwave frequency and phone numbers quote.(Gayle Van Horn, NC)

French Guiana
15190 NHK/Radio Japan relay in English. Station sign-on into newsscript. SIO 554. (Bob Fraser, ME)

12025, AIR/External Svc 1803-1825. Malayalam service. Tune-in to native instrumental rhythms to 1823. Announcer's brief comments and "All India Radio" ID at 1824 over easy-listening music observed to 1825. Program intro for Indian pops music program. (Van Horn)

13650, VOIRI/IRIB  1829 Instrumental piano music to 1830 with bell chimes to station ID. Choral
Iranian anthem to 1831 and intro in French.(SIO 433) Brief Call to Prayers 1832-1834, followed by intro and fanfare music begins program features.Noted on // 7380 to Euro (SIO 343) VOIRI's Hausa service noted 1838 on 9570 to Africa (SIO 443) and // 13730 (SIO 432) with mentions of Iran  amid newsscript. English to Europe on 6040 // 7345 at 1930-2000 with feature on Muslim population increasing in the west.; // 12670 and 15450 to Africa not heard. Russian service schedule 1930-2000 to Europe on 4005 // 7205 kHz  (Van Horn)

15275, Deutsche Welle relay 1940. English service with reports on ash trees and Mamora Run charity. SIO 454 (Fraser).

South Africa
11750. AWR Africa 1930. Male/female announcer duo in listed Ibo service. Musical intros for religious text amd sermons. SIO 443. (Van Horn).

9940, TWR Africa, 1938. Male's French religious text to  1948. Postal, web and email addresses to easy-listening tunes. Program intros to special presentation at 1950.   (SIO 443) (Van Horn)

9585, Radio Thailand 1914. Station ID, ad for tea into continued English global news from announcer duo covering Asia and Middle East. Continued news on Russia and China's disputes over North Korea rocket launches. News on Argentina, Greece protestors at rally, Congo rebels in Rwanda, and Qatar talks on climate control (Van Horn)

7205, Voice of Turkey 1843. German service to Europe with world newscast to 1848. Turkish vocals.
German service is schedule to 1930 UTC on this frequency. (Van Horn) 6050, Voice of Turkey 1945. English program on touring Turkish castles.  SIO 453. (Fraser).