Monday, December 10, 2012

QSL Report Central

Radio Brasil Central, 11815 kHz. Full data scenery card from Goiania. Received in 348 days for a Portuguese report and two IRCs, plus follow - up report in Portuguese via registered mail with $5.00 US for return postage. (AL Munick, PA//HCDX)

CFRX, 6070 kHz. Full data E-QSL from Stephen Canney, QSL Manager for Toronto station. Received in 12 hours for an email to and an 3mp audio clip. (Mauro Giroletti/playdx)

HCJB., 11920 kHz. Broadcast via Calera de Tongo-Santiago transmitter. Full data CVC transmitter site photos with site included, and an apology statement about my report being misplaced. Received in nine months. (Ed Kusalik, Canada)

Amhara State Regional Radio, 5090 kHz. Amhara Mass Media Agency-Bahir Dar-Ethiopia. Full data card signed by Chalacew Achamyehe, Head of Amhara Radio. Received in 50 days for report to: (Roberto Pavanello/playdx)

Italcable, 10000 kHz. Full data E-QSL. Received in nine days for report sent to: (Ghibauldo)

Marianas Islands
Radio Free Asia via Tinian, 9335 kHz. Full data RFA card. Received for report sent to: (Christian Ghibaudo/playdx)

Radio romania International, 9680 kHz. Full data RRI scenery card. Received in 40 days. (Ghibaudo)

South Africa
Ireland-RTE/Radio Worldwide via Meyerton relay, 17500 kHz. Full data letter signed by Bernie Pope, Network Support. Received in 18 days after follow-up report, including the $ 10.00 I enclosed with an apology of not receiving my first report. (Muick)

Radio Free Asia, 9370 kHz. Full data RFA card. Received in 30 days for report sent to: (Ghibaudo)

United Arab Emirates
Radio Free Asia, 21690 kHz. Full data RFA card. Received in 15 days for report sent to: (Ghibaudo)

IWA-WDBH M/T Overseas Nikiski (Tanker), MMSI 368445000, 12577 kHz. Full data prepared form letter with info on vessel particulars sheet. Received in 20 days for a report to Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor in Oahu, Hiwaii. I received an email from the Third Officer/Radio Officer in nine days. Noted included promise to send my verie when they arrived in port. (Foltz)

WWVB, 60 kHz. QSL card unsigned with date only notation. Received in six days for an English email to: (Martin Foltz, CA/UDXF)