Friday, December 28, 2012

European Perspective

Thirty days after seasonal changes took place, International radio schedules show how deep reductions are affecting short and mediumwave.

            From Russia, the Voice of Russia announced that their Swiss relay on medium wave 558 kHz will be closed down as from December 31st, 2012.  The future of the antenna is still uncertain.  It used to be the main outlet for Swiss Italian language public radio until 2005 but it found a new life as German, French and Italian programs from Radio Moscow were re-directed to Central Europe from its powerful antenna looking over the Alps.

            The Voice of Russia will concentrate its mediumwave broadcasts to Southern Europe on 1548 kHz from Moldova but also through a digital TV channel in North West Italy.  As you know digital TV is offering also a new chance to listen to radio and at the Voice of Russia they’re testing this opportunity to get in touch with old and new listeners.

            Similar tests have been conducted also by Radio France Internationale and the Vatican Radio but coverage is proving to be very limited while costs are still unknown.

            On short wave we notice heavy cuts and many frequencies have been silenced.  I’m truly upset as I find nothing on the 49 meters band, once the most popular European short wave band.  Some broadcasts are still aired from Vienna, Austria, in German at 07.00 UTC on 6155 kHz.  A taste of the past.

            During daytime only, Romania, Spain and Turkey seem to be active as usual in Southern Europe, especially on higher frequencies, for instance:

               * Radio Romania International in French on 15150 kHz at 11.30 UTC,

               * Radio Exterior de España in Spanish on 15585 kHz at 11.45 UTC,

               * The Voice of Turkey in German on 17755 kHz at 12.45 UTC.

                        In English, China Radio International is using many frequencies.  Around noon UTC they’re broadcasting on 17490 kHz. 

            Some broadcasts to Africa are also heard in Europe.  From Woofferton England, Deutsche Welle is beaming its French program to Central Africa at 12:00 UTC on 17800 kHz, thus giving a chance to shortwave listeners in Europe too, after they abandoned all broadcasts to the Old Continent.

            If you wish to be informed on what is going on in the Italian and European international broadcasting scene, please check our website . You will find a web portal with current news in English.
(AWR Wavescan/NWS199/A Peterson)