Friday, December 28, 2012

Wavescan begins a new focus for 2013

During the entire coming year, 2013, programming in the AWR DX program, "Wavescan", will be concentrated upon the radio broadcasting scene on the continent of Africa, including nearby islands and the Middle East. Tentative planning for the scheduling of radio features includes a historic rundown of an African radio station, large or small, as the the main opening topic every third week. As follow on topics in the weekly half hour program, many additional African features will be presented, including interviews and on-the-spot recordings made by the program producer, Jeff White of Radio Miami International WRMI in Florida.

All of the African information that will be presented on air in "Wavescan" throughout the year 2013 will be under the title, "Focus on Africa", and the purpose for this year long emphasis is to encourage the development of international radio broadcasting and shortwave listening throughout the African arena. The international DX program, "Wavescan" is researched and written in Indianapolis and produced by Jeff White in the studios of shortwave WRMI in Miami.

We here at "Wavescan" always welcome reception reports from our listeners, and we receive listener mail from some 100 countries throughout the world. All reception reports are verified with our QSL cards through the postal system, and of course, some form of return postage is always appreciated.

In particular, we would welcome reception reports from listeners living in continental Africa and nearby areas. The international DX program "Wavescan" is the current name for the original DX program, "Radio Monitors International" that was launched from the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in 1975, as part of the shortwave scheduling of Adventist World Radio.

Adrian M. Peterson