Monday, September 09, 2013

Crisis in Syria - Monitoring Syrian Domestic Broadcast

As the crisis in Syria deepens and attacks by western military forces are imminent we turn our attention to monitoring domestic broadcast services from and to Syria.

Radio Damascus has been off of shortwave several years now but during a crisis you never know. Their old transmitters or frequency assignments may pop back up at anytime. Radio Damascus last transmitted on shortwave on 9330 kHz / 31 meter band and 12085 kHz / 25 meter band.

Radio Damascus is still on medium wave at 783 kHz for those in the region with AM monitor capability.

You can also monitor Radio Damascus daily broadcast podcast at  The daily program is posted one day after the live transmission so you can always download on the above mentioned page the program of the former day.

If you have C/Ku-band satellite reception capability you can monitor Radio Damascus via this method.

Radio Damascus Satellite Feeds of Radio Damascus

Express AM22 at 53.0°E
Frequency: 12549 Mhz Polarization: Horizontal Symbol Rate: 8800
Directed to : Arab Homeland - North Africa - Europe

Arabsat 5C at 20.0°E
Frequency: 3934 Mhz Polarization: Left Symbol Rate: 27500
Directed to : Africa

Nilesat at 7.0°W
Frequency: 10922 Mhz Polarization: Vertical Symbol Rate: 27500
Directed to : Arab Homeland - North Africa - South Europe

Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W
Frequency: 12146 Mhz Polarization: Vertical Symbol Rate: 22000
Directed to : America - Canada

Hispasat 1C at 30.0°W
Frequency: 12132 Mhz Polarization: Horizontal Symbol Rate: 27500
Directed to : Europe

Asiasat 5 at 100.5°E
Frequency: 3820 Mhz Polarization: Vertical Symbol Rate: 27500
Directed to : Asia

Intelsat 19 at 166.0°E
Frequency: 12726 Mhz Polarization: Horizontal Symbol Rate: 28066
Directed to : Australia - New Zealand - Pacific - Asia

Finally here are other domestic and Internet feeds being streamed on the net from/tom Syria that we are aware of at post time.

89.0 - Radio Fann Syria|rep - Aleppo [Halab]
89.0 - Radio Fann Syria - Damascus
89.6 - Radio Orient|r.[R-Paris] - Damascus
90.0 - Sout Al-Sha'ab (Voice of the People) - Damascus
92.3 - Sham FM - Damascus
92.3 - Sham FM|rep - Aleppo [Halab]
94.0 - Shahba FM - Aleppo [Halab]
97.3 - Farah FM - Aleppo [Halab]
97.9 - Melody FM - Damascus
100.5 - Al Madina FM (The City FM) - Damascus
101.5 - Al Madina FM (The City FM)|rep - Aleppo [Halab]
101.8 - Sham FM|rep - Lattakia (Al Ladhiqiyah)
102.3 - Arabesque FM - Damascus
103.3 - Rotana Style FM - Aleppo [Halab]
103.8 - Radio Gecko - Camp Faouar (Golan)
104.2 - Syria Al Ghad (Syria of Tomorrow) - Damascus Arabian music,talk
105.0 - Rotana Syria|rep - ? Arabian music,talk
105.7 - Mix FM Syria - Damascus
106.1 - Radio Fann Syria|rep - Lattakia (Al Ladhiqiyah)
106.9 - Arabesque FM|rep - ?
(FM) - El-Bernameg Al-Aam - Damascus

Internet Streams via Receiva

Radio DengĂȘ KobanĂȘ   Classical Syria    MP3 32kbps
Sham FM   News Oldies World Middle East Syria  MP3 40kbps
Version FM 94.4  Varied Syria     MP3 96kbps

Internet Streams via Tunein

Sham FM 92.3 Damascus
Al Madina FM 101.5 Al Hasakah
Damascus Online 99.8 Damascus
Radio Damascus Arabic (Irregular broadcast)
Rotana Style FM 105.0 Damascus
Version FM 94.4 Damsacus
Hawa Smart 103.2 Damascus
Ninar FM Arabic (Irregular broadcast)
Mix FM Syria Proud 2B Different (Irregular broadcast)
Syria Alghad Arabic (Irregular broadcast)
Melody FM Arabic 97.9 Damascus
Farah FM Arabic (Irregular broadcast)
If additional broadcast information becomes available, we will post updates on this blog and on our twitter feed @QSLRptMT

Our sister site the MilcomMP will also have any utility related frequencies as they become available at You can follow any updates on the @MilcomMP twitter feeds.