Sunday, September 08, 2013

DXpeditions Hunt Elusive Radio Signals

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — Uruguay’s Horacio Nigro is an amateur radio operator (call sign CX3BZ), an international shortwave radio listener/blogger , and an avid fan of “DXpeditions.”

Either alone or accompanied by other radio enthusiasts, DXpeditions are journeys to sparsely populated, low-interference zones — requiring supplies such as high-end radio equipment and long wire antennas. As for the expression “DXpedition,” DX is an old Morse Code term for the word “distance,” and a “DXer” is the radio hobbyist who seeks distant radio signals. “I started my own saga of personal DXpeditions going to Valizas, a seaside village in the Atlantic coast of Uruguay, with a Kenwood R600 communications receiver and my first Beverage antenna,” said Nigro. A Beverage antenna is a very large and sensitive horizontal wire antenna, requiring hundreds of feet of linear space for optimal depl

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