Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blog Logs: August

A sampling of shortwave monitoring from hobbyist.

All times UTC/ frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency
* Sign-on  / Sign-off *
English unless otherwise indicated

Logs edited for clarity

15344.43, Radio Argentina Exterior, 2246-2301.+ Spanish phone interview, con embajador a Panama. Mix of classical guitar and easy-listening jazz with numerous station ID's, included "RAE" Continued in Spanish after 2300. SIO 3+33 with Arabic splash from 15355 kHz. (Harold Frodge, MI/MARE 790/791)

An aerial view over Ascensions Islands
Ascension Island
12095, BBC World Service, 2105. Heard station ID to interview with lady who is an Egyptian Broadcast journalist. Signal poor with much QRN and fading. (Frodge).

17860, Radio Australia (presumed) 2124-2131+. Male/female with newscast to 2130, followed by sports program. SIO 252 and very peaky (Frodge) Radio Australia noted on 9710 at 0830 // 9475 with news. (Martin van Driessche, Belgium/HCDX) 4910, VL8T, Tennant Creek, NT, 2132-2145. Newscast for SINPO 24322. Heard on  // 4835 and 5025. (Manuel Méndez). Also heard at 2215, ABC news, Gaza evacuation, SINPO25333. (Bell/DX Window 510)

15450, Reach Beyond Australia (former HCJB) Kununurra at 1400. Beginning of musical interval signal, weak sign-on by male announcer in English. Very poor signal. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada).

11955, AWR Europe via Moosbrunn, 2126. Religious sermon to 2127, just before 2130 head AWR identification to musical tones at 2130. (Vanca, MI?MARE)


5952.5 Radio Pio XII, Siglo 2305-2312. Spanish comments from announcer for a SINPO 14321. (Manuel Méndez, Lugo, Spain/HCDX

6135, Radio Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 2309-2320. Spanish. Soccer coverage for the Libertadores Cup Semifinal, Argentinian team San Lorenzo de Almagro vs Bolivian team Bolivar, live narration, "Copa Libertadores". SINPO 23222. (Méndez)

6024.97, Radio Patria Nueva, La Paz, 2240-2310. Spanish newscast to ID as, "informa Patria Nueva desde la Paz", program ”Bolivia Informa.” News, ads and music with political messages. Additional ads Campo Ferial Yanomarca, SINPO 44444. (Arrunátegui). Also heard at 0057, alone and clear. Has been here on the low side for a long time. Radio Amanencer has been off for a very long time and was last reported in Aug 11. (Nilsson/DX WIndow 510)

6155.10, Radio Fides, La Paz, 2340-0005. Music to ads as - ”Banco los Andes.” Program, ”El Hombre Invisible”, ID: “El grupo Fides presento…”, ID: “Radio Fides la voz permanente de Bolivia”, ID: “La historia de Bolivia es Radio Fides”, program: ”En Contacto”, SINPO 44444, (ex 6154.90) verified in USB and LSB. (Arrunátegui/DX Window 510)

6080 Voice of America relay, Moepeng Hill at 0320-0347. Announcer's discussion with several people, followed by Day Break Africa program. Several promo announcements and station ID's. Website mention at 0328, followed by VOA International Edition at 0330. Poor - fair signal quality. Also heard this relay 15579.99 at 0400 with newscast script, // 6080 via VOA Sao Tome relay (Brandon Jordan, TN/HCDX)

4965.01, Radio Alvorada, Parintins, AM, 2300. Definite on this station, heard on // with a two minute delayed webstream. Easy to hear the ID from the web, but the noise just above 4865 is very annoying, but when you know what will come, you can hear the ID. This frequency carries their FM cultural program. The station was gone for a week or two but back again from Jul 06. Parintins is known for a popular folklore festival held there each June called Boi-Bumbá. (Nilsson/DX WIndow 510)

Gayle Van Horn QSL from Radio Nacional Brasilia
5990.1, Radio Nacional Brasilia 0408-0415.+ Station ID's as, "Radio Nacional" and "Radio Nacional Brasilia." Pop 'bumper' music to male's commentary in Portuguese. Brief Happy Birthday tune played at 0414. SIO 32+3 with splash from 6000 kHz (presumed to be Cuba). (Frodge).

9820v, Radio Nove de Julho, São Paulo, SP, 0558-0612. Religious program "Santuario Nacional", "Com a Mãe Aparecida", comments and songs, SINPO 24322. (Méndez). I heard this program "Com a Mãe Aparecida" on 25 Oct 2013. Luckily I also heard an ID of ”Radio 9 de Julho” on top of the hour, so I sent a report and got surprisingly also a QSL. So it's possible to identify the station also during the network programme. Based on the QSL letter the programme is produced and transmitted by Rádio Aparecida and it's on air from 22h00 till 5h00 every day (definitely local time). I mentioned in my report that there were phone calls from Parà also and they replied in Portuguese, that this programme integrates Brazilian people from various states of Federation. (Nurmela). (Cf. DX-Window no. 509. Ed/DX Window 510)

11815 Radio Brasil Central via Goiania at 2320-2346. Lively discussion by several males in Portuguese. Quick station jingle ID at 2330, followed by fast-paced discussion. (Rich D'Angelo, PA/DXplorer/WWDXC Top Nx)

6155, CNR2/China Business Radio, Beijing, 1237. Apopular variety show (comedy, music) in Chinese, frequently broadcast via CNR2. Good reception; occasional nice English IDs: “Ladies and gentlemen, Haiyang live show. It's brought to you by Haiyang live from Beijing." Audio at   // 6065, 7265, 7315 and 7375. (Ron Howard, CA/DX WIndow 510)

6200, Voice of Jinling, Nanjing, 1400. Usual "FM" IDs, station moved to this frequency, ex 5860. Mixing with Xizang PBS, Tibet. For many years Tibet had sole possession of 6200, but no longer. VOJ is stronger by far than Tibet, so bad news for Xizang PBS. (Howard/DX Window 510)

11985, Radio Akhbar Mufriha, via Ascension Island, *2145-2215.* Arabic instumental music and talks to ID for Akhbar Mufriha. Announcement for postal address in Paris, and e-mail address. New frequency, and very good signal. Their web site lists they broadcast at 2100-2145 on 7300, but nothing could be heard on 7300 at 2100-2145 here in Japan. (Wakisaka/DX Window 510)

15425, Radio Free Sarawak 1105. Fair signal at tune-in. Announcers in Iban language. Unsure of correct or current transmitter location. (Wendel Craighead, KS)

6010.00, Radio La Voz de tu Conciencia, Lomalinda, 2325-2345. Religious hymns and Joropo music with religious messages, ID: “Por la Voz de tu Conciencia”, SINPO 44444. (Arrunátegui/DX Window 510)

4765 Radio Progreso 0302-0313. Cuban songs and Spanish comments. SINPO 24322. (Méndez)

5990 China Radio International relay, Havana, 2347-0002. Group discussion talking about brain functions, being forgetful and deterioration with old age. At 2355, CHinese language lesson, followed by Spanish program at midnight. Very good signal. (D'Angelo)
9965, Radio Cairo 0018. Lady announcer discussing 'how to sleep, type of mattress and what side to sleep on." All this during a constant and heavy howling tone interference. Music followed by 'The Egyptian Wall of Sound' music. (Vance, MI/MARE)

15690, Radio Farda relay via Biblis at 1312 in Farsi. Moodly Blues song Nights in WHite Satin, followed by station ID for fair signal quality. (Sellers). Germany's Hamburger Lokal Radio heard on 7265 kHz at 0512-0523. (Méndez)

11895, AWR Asia/Pacific 1124-1130.+ English/Chinese language lesson and special English for religious phrases. Program close down at 1128 with "bye-bye", then to CHinese service. SIO 353. (Frodge).

4054.98, Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 1100-1116. Religious music in English, ID, SINPO 22222. (Arrunátegui/DX WIndow 510). Also heard at close down 0540-0607.* Religious songs, comments, ID in various languages, anthem, SINPO 14321. (Manuel Méndez, Spain/HCDX)

13710, All India Radio 1417. English service and noted on parallel 13710 kHz. Music and station ID to Music Box program. Good signal. AIR noted on 13710 at 1346 with program schedule into Hindi music. Fair signal until China Radio Int;l came on before 1358 with English program for poor signal. (Sellers).

3325, RRI Palangkarya, 1626. Male speaker in Bahasa Indonesia taking callers, slow romantic songs, SINPO 25432. (Bell) Indonesia's 3344.87, RRI Ternate, 1136-1202. Heard daily now, mostly non-stop reciting from the Qur'an, with a few phone calls. Seems to never carry the 1200 Jakarta news. (Howard and Sellers/DX Window 510)

GVH QSL from Voice of Indonesia
9525.9 Voice of Indonesia 1302. English at tune-in with program announcements. Station ID "Voice of Indonesia with the news." Male/female trade news items during poor signal. (Sellers)

9845, Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, Sirjan at 0026-0121.* Lady announcer in Turkish, apparently about Ramadan special program. Selections of vocals, talk and recitations with carrier cut mid-song. Fair-good signal. (D'Angelo)

11665 Wai FM (presumed) 1110-1120. Lady announcer taking phone calls in Malay language. LSB helps with 11670 splash, noticebly worse about a half-hour later (Frodge). Malaysia's Klasik Radio on 5964.7 at 1215, Malaysian pop music to announcers in Bahasa Malay, followed by Islamic 'call to prayer.' Malaysia's Asyik FM on 6050 at 1218 for fair signal (Sellers).

6185, Radio Educación, México D. F., 0453-0510.* Spanish comments, songs, ID: "Radio Educación, desde la ciudad de México, y en internet , SINPO 23322. (Méndez)

9689.915 Voice of Nigeria. Foot print is probably Hausa at 2044. Strong interference from REE French service on 9685 kHz. (wb, Germany/WWDXC Top Nx)

North Korea
11735 Voice of Korea, 1144-1202.+ Tune-in to rousing music then vocal by lady announcer, followed by French and off to more music.SIO 153- // 11710. Presumed same station on 15180 at 0442 with choral music and English between items. SIO 2+53- (Frodge)

15140 Radio Sultanate of Oman at 1406. Lady announcer's comments about raising children under the Islamic religion. Poor signal quality (Sellers)

GVH QSL from Radio East New Britain
Papua New Guinea
3385, NBC East New Britain, Rabaul, 1138-1153. Tok Pisin. Pop music, 1150 several ads in English, including one for a car dealer identified as a “supporter of NBC East New Britain”, 1153 phone number and invitation for dedications, SINPO 45444. (Sellers). Also heard at 1200-1228.* Noted at 1201 PNG bird call, "Good night Papua New Guinea. The News Roundup", news and "weather forecast" (weather now a regular feature with the news), 1207 "Provincial News" in Tok Pisin, ads and promos, DJ with "musical requests," listing persons with dedications for pop songs. They have re-set the timer for closing down the transmitter (ex 1200.*) (Ron Howard/DX Window 510)

4955.00, Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta, 2300-2320. Peruvian music, Spanish religious talk, SINPO 25232. (Petersen). Also heard at 1122-1145, with Quechua program, advs about the evangelical churches in the zone, religious music in Spanish,  ID: “En quechua.. Radio Cultural Amauta”, SINPO 44444. (Arrunátegui/DX Windoe 510)

5024.92, Radio Quillabamba, Quillabamba, Cusco, 1138-1200. Deal with the different political parties in the upcoming municipal elections, ID: "Muchas gracias por su presencia en Radio Quillabamba", music, ID: "Radio Quillabamba", sports  program about World Cup, ID: "Radio Quillabamba pionera en educación y cultura", SINPO 33333. (Arrunátegui/DX Window 510)

5980.00, Radio Chaski, Urubamba, Cusco, 2320-2335. Program ”El Camino de la vida”, religious in Spanish //  la Red Radio Integridad, 700AM in Lima, religious hymns, program Momentos decisivos "Mientras el Señor Regresa", SINPO 44444. (Arrunátegui/DX Window 510)

7290 Radio City via IRRS Milano, 1840-1900.* Pop music to English comments and station ID as " Radio City, the station of the cars." "This is the Italian Radio Relay Service signing off." SINPO 44444. (Méndez)

7330 Radio Romania Intl 0532. Noted DRM signal in English with Romanian news, 100% decode and parallel signal on 9700 with excellent signal, 17760 poor. (Jordan).

11900 Deutsche Welle relay via Kigali at 0503. News reports on Israel and Libya. Excellent S 9 signal // 12070 fair, 9800 fair, 7425 poor. Ascension Island's 6005 good in USB to avoid 6000. Jordan).

Solomon Islands
5020.00, SIBC, Honiara, 0830. Noted on even frequency on remote unit at Sydney, S=9+10dB. (Bueschel). Also heard at 1154-1158.* Usual evening devotional in English, normal full ID and national anthem. Is now generally agreed that this is most likely the same newer transmitter that is also used on 9545, thereby replacing the older off frequency one. (Howard and Wagai). Schedule probably now: 5020 1900-2200, 0500-1200 and 9545 2200-0500. (Ritola/DX Window 510)

6015, ZBC Radio, Dole, *0255-0401. Different format now for Ramadan. Normally suddenly on with Spice FM music, but today had chatting till brief "Zanzibar song", pips (5+1), mostly monologue, 0314-0330 reciting from the Qur'an, 0359 normal drums leading up to pips (5+1) and the news. (Howard/DX Window 510)

11735, Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation, Dole, 1525-1805. Swahili 1525-1800, English 1800. (Ivanov, Bulgaria/DX Window 510)

United States
7355, Alaska-KNLS Anchor Point, 1226-1227, English. Oldie pop song “You’re the Only Woman.” The English Express program looking at the phrase “the once over”, SINPO 45444. (Sellers) KNLS 9655, 0757 sign-on (van Driessche)