Monday, July 07, 2014

Walter Brodowsky, set to retire from Media Broadcast

One of several QSLs from Media Broadcast
As many of you folks know, Walter was the person behind issuing verifications (QSL Replies) from
first DTK-Julich and then later from Media Broadcast. Speaking for myself, his dedication to his responsibility to verification replies was a first.He will be missed and hopefully his replacement will carry on this tradition........
Edward Kusalik

Received this e-mail:
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Customers,

Special greetings from MEDIA BROADCAST’s Headquarter at Cologne.

I would like to let you know that after  43 years on duty of which  approx. 38 years in different (technical and commercial) functions in  short-wave business surprisingly I received a remarkable offer from my
Employer MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH to realize a special form of early retirement which I really couldn't refuse.

As I agreed with that offer in result my last working day on duty in the office will be Friday, 18th July 2014.

Regarding MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH’s short-wave business, my successor will be my colleague Michael Pütz who is well known as Frequency Manager during the most recent “High Frequency Coordination Conference” (HFCC) and “Group of Eight” frequency coordination business for many years
already. Please be so kind and send all your email correspondence to Michael’s email address instead of mine in the future.  Please note Michael's phone contact as following: *_+49 221 7101 5319_*

Volker Behling, who is also well known at customer side will be supporting the commercial activities, too. Please note Volkers phone contact as following: *_+49 221 7101 5316_*

Having said that, I have to admit that I will leave my long lasting employment which was mainly focused on all aspects of global short-wave business with a “laughing” and a “crying eye” – the laughing eye because from that date as mentioned above I will be able to take full time opportunity for new challenges and new projects which will have more private character and which were not possible to be realized until yet due to lack of time availability. For me, this is a real dream come through having the complete freedom to do this now and start a new segment in my life as having much more time available for my family including children and grandchildren.But also I will leave with a crying eye by closing that door behind in my life when I think back of all those fine people who I was allowed and privileged to meet and to talk to during meetings and customer contacts as well as during all those HFCC conferences face to face since 1995 when I started these commercial activities regarding short-wave business.

Let me take this opportunity to say “thank you very much” to all of you for a long term good business partnership in the best spirit to create a better world which should be a little bit more peaceful as it is today.

By the way, I tried to forget nobody to inform, but if it should be so, please don’t feel insulted if I forgot somebody to put in the loop.

“Au revoir” and “wishing well” for you all, your families and your personal future and best wishes

Sincerely your’s and best regards
*Walter Brodowsky
*Head of Short-wave
Senior Expert Sales **

*Erna-Scheffler-Straße 1
51103 Cologne

t.          +49 (0) 221 7101 – 5356
f. +49 (0) 6081 100 68 7127
m. +49 (0) 171 563 9738
(Edward Kusalik, Alberta, Canada)