Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blog Logs

A sampling of recent logging observations. Thank you to those that have contributed their latest logs, and to the kind newsletters who graciously permit us to share their information with radio hobbyists. Your contributions are always welcome at the above masthead email address. Tell the world what your hearing !

All times UTC/ frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency
* Sign-on  / Sign-off *
English unless otherwise indicated

Logs edited for clarity

17860, Radio Australia 2104. No sign of // 15515 or 15425. Fair signal quality (SIO 323) for news about Brisbane, New Zealand and Sydney. Mentions last two days of World Cup. Music bridge and "Radio Australia" identification at 2109 (as signal begins to fade). "Good morning" from announcer at 2110 into Aussie country music (a cross between Celtic and Country/Western). Phone-in chats. Monitored to 2115. Recheck at 2245 with improved signal as interviews and conversations continue (Gayle Van Horn).

4835, VL8A Alice Springs NT, 1955-2005. SINPO 24322 in English with comments and local program. VL8T, Tennant Creek NT on 4920, 2132-2145 with English news // 4835 and 5025. SINPO 24322. VL8K Katherine NT *2130-2141. ABC News and local items. SINPO 24322 (Manuel Méndez, Spain/HCDX)

15105, Bangladesh Betar 1236. English newscast to 1238, followed by Bangladesh style music and chat at 1239. Weak signal and hard to follow format. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada).

5910.06, Emisora Pio XII, Siglo Veinte. Studio talks from male/female duo about Bolivia at 0030. Bolivia's Radio Fides on 6155.13 at 2345. (Maurits van Drisseshe/HCDX)

4905, Radio Relogio Federal, Rio se Janeiro 0532-0545. Portuguese programming with music and comments. Additional Brazilian noted as; Radio Educacao Tefe 4925, 2329-2342; Radio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte 0533-0545 and Radio Nacional da Amazonia 6180, 2118-2125. Closing day of World Cup matches // 11780 SINPO 24322,(Méndez).

6080, Radio Marumby, Curitiba PR. Portuguese talks about the president in Brazil. Good signal. Additional Brazilian's monitored as; Radio Aparecida 6134.98 at 2335. News and information about Brazil. Signal not bad - but very close to Santa Cruz on 6134.825 and the audio from Santa Cruz is also stronger. Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte 6010.07 at 0001. Portuguese speech by male with signal splatter from China on 6020. (Maurits van Drisseshe/HCDX)

15370, Radio Habana Cuba 2340. Announcer's Portuguese script on sports in Cuba and upcoming World Cup final for Argentina vs Germany. Additional sports roundup to 2348 musical bridge. (Van Horn)

4055, Radio Verdad, Chiquimula 0540-0607.* English religious music to Spanish and local language IDs. National anthem and close down. SINPO 14321. (Méndez).

3345, RRI-Ternate 1136. Poor signal for Islamic prayers and occasional utility station's interference. RRI's Palangkaraya also noted poor. (Sellers).

9625 NHK/World Radio Japan at 1020. Japanese Pop Culture Magazine program discussing Japanese horror films. Fair signal quality (Sellers).

17550, Radio Kuwait 2032. Male/female duo trading Arabic items, presumed to be news topics. Special presentation at 2034. Frequency 15540 in English monitored 2040-2115. Station IDs and plenty of reggae, rap, US and Euro pop music. Kuwait in Arabic to North America noted on 17550 at 2350 amid announcer
text. (Van Horn)

5964.7 Klasik Radio 1217. Bahasa Malaysian service at 1217 with Asian pop songs from lady DJ. Mentions of Malaysia, back to music program. Fair signal quality Malaysia Sarawak FM on 9835 at 1107-1110. Programming in Bahasa Malay with newscast, music and station identification at 1115 Wai FM on 11665 at 1115

with fair signal quality and children's programming in Bahasa Malay (Sellers).

5995 Radio Mali via Bamako 0830-0850. African vernacular songs during a SINPO 24333. Noted on 9635, 0830-0850 in French. SINPO 14321 (Méndez)

6185, Radio Educacion, 0453-0510.* Spanish program comments and Mexican music. Station ID as, "Radio Educación, desde la ciudad de México, y en internet" SINPO 23322. (Méndez).

Papua New Guinea
3205, NBC Sandau 1132. Tok Pisin programming of fair signal quality. PNG's NBC Madang of same including pop music, promotional with phone number. Sunday morning broadcast included religious comments, despite poor signal quality. PNG's NBC Milne Bay at 1148 on 3365; NBC East New Britain at 1138 on 3385. Several station ID's, phone number and announcer's invitation for call-in dedications. Good signal quality. (Sellers).

4985.510 Radio Voz Cristiana, Huancayo at 0040. Spanish talks about Peru, "Voz Cristiana" identification. Better audio than past days. Peru's Radio Chaski, urubamba Cusco 5920.02 at 0013. Male/female conversation amid good signal quality. (Maurits van Drisseshe/HCDX)

15140, Radio Sultanate of Oman 1958 via Thumrait. Arabic musical vocals at tune-in, to station interval signal at 2000. Station identification to two male announcer's trade Arabic comments. Traditional Arabic music by 2001 spaced between announcer's presumed news headlines. Format of talk and brief music clips continued until program feature. Phone conversations (several) which continued to 2020. Recheck at 2053 as closing conversation ended. Program format as one of a radio play or special feature. Station singed off at 2156. SINPO 43333. Station's website with streaming audio at and redirected from  Arabic programming on 15355 kHz at 2340, as two males engage in friendly conversation to 2342. Program feature opening with a brief Call to Prayers, followed by text. SIO 444 Excellent reception if I was attempting to QSL Oman. (Van  Horn)

17715 Radio Exterior Espana 2043. Saturday afternoon programming in Spanish. Featured programming included items of a 'newsreel' format of oldies 30's music and movie mentions. Two distinct IDs at 2050. (Van Horn).

9390 Radio Thailand 1243. National tourism program promo. At 1245 Global News program. Fair signal quality (Sellers).

United States
7355 KNLS Alaska at 1226. Oldie pop song You're the Only Woman to 1227. The English Express program looking at the phrase "the once over." Good signal quality. Additional monitoring on 9655 at 1044, with mentions on positive thinking and program - Profiles in Christian Music. Good signal quality (Sellers).

3345, Radio Vanuatu 1207. Bislama service with soft vocal music to announcer's text to anthem for a minute to 1213. Poor signal and presume this was a sign-off. (Sellers).