Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Blog Logs

A sampling from hobbyist shortwave monitoring. Thank you to those that have contributed their latest logs, and to the kind newsletters who graciously permit us to share their information with radio hobbyists. Your contributions are always welcome at the above masthead email address. Tell the world what your hearing !

All times UTC/ frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency
* Sign-on  / Sign-off *
English unless otherwise indicated

Logs edited for clarity

17795, Radio Australia. "Talking Point" program ID, followed by report on the Asian Black-Spined toad, an invasive species. Good signal // 17840 was poor. Australia's ABC VL8T-Tennant Creek. Recordings musical performances at 1218 // 4835 with good signal. (Sellers).

3310.00, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, 0020-0047. Spanish talk, 0032 instrumental music with vocalist, good signal. Also noted at 1000, Jul 03. (Wilkner). Also heard at 0115-0125, Jun 25, Quechua announcement to music - best in USB due to digital noise in LSB, SINPO 12221. (Petersen/DX Window 509)

6024.97 Radio Patria Nueva, Discovered that the station's streaming audio at www.patrianueva.bo/ was 1:26 behind the live studio audio. Accounting for the delay, I was able to hear one of the three "Patria Nueva" station ID's during the promo at 2359: 37, despite Voice of Vietnam (via Albania relay) playing music and splattering over. Also heard mentions on "El Mundo." The other IDs just did not make it through. (Sellers).

9818.9, Radio Nove de Julho, São Paulo, SP. For many months is on the air daily only at 0800-0100. From 0100 till 0800 is the program called "Com A Mae Aparecida" ( Together with Mother Aparecida) - they spell it "Com a Mue Aparecida". During the program the IDs are also "Radio Nacional", "Radio Nacional Agora....". Over 100 Brazilian stations are relaying " Com A Mae...", but  I heard on shortwave only on 9819.9 // 5035, 6135, 9630 and 11855. At 0100 they are announcing some of the names of sister stations. Com A Mae on 5035, 6135, 9630 and 11855 is at 2300 - 0800. Mon-Fri 2200-2300 on same frequencies and on 9819 is the program " A Voz do Brasil". (Pankov/DX Window 509)

11780.00, R Nacional da Amazônia, Brasília, DF, 2010-2025. Excited Portuguese football report about Colombia vs Uruguay in World Cup. Also heard Jul 04 at 2000-2220, excited live Portuguese football report from the match Brazil vs Colombia. At 2008 and 2128 Brazil had two goals with this report: "Goooooooooooooal", whereas when James Rodriguez from Colombia scored at 2139, it was just "Goal"! 45333. (Méndez, Mille and Petersen). Also heard at 0800-0830, Jun 28, ID, news report(?), QRM is CNR (China), Brazil was a good match for China about signal (not soccer), also I felt heterodyne signal sometimes, 32332. (Wagai/DX Window 509)

11915, Radio Gaúcha, Porto Alegre, RS, 0043-0112. Talk in Portuguese with canned announcements at 0048. A canned ID at 0059 followed by time pips and advertisements.  Series of remote reports and telephone interviews. Poor to fair. (Rich D’Angelo, PA/DX Window 509)

4930, Voice of America relay. Musical station ID, at 0430 "VOA International Edition". African news in depth. Signal poor at SINPO 35232 // 4960 via São Tome' also of poor quality. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)

4865, Radio Alvorada/Londrina 2350-0000. Portions of religious homily in Portuguese. Children's vocal chorus to congreation prayers recitation. "Alvarado" identification and station promo, um rádio da família," station frequency and studio location. Promotionals from announcer, ID repeat and mentions of "QSL" and location. Choir's religious hymn at 2358. Piano music to additional promo. Musical jingle ID into contemporary religious praise music, monitored to 0005. (Gayle Van Horn, NC)

4935, Radio Capixaba. Parallel programming with Deus é Amor. Portuguese pentecostal religious sermon before lively congregation. Ocassional breaks for choir vocals. By following the programming format, and one-on-one responses, and shouts of hallelujah, I believe this was a pentecostal faith healing event, which extended to 0037. Promotional for program, pastor's name, station ID and frequency. Item for book offer with São Paulo address. Piano music and quick promo. Local time check into religious sermon and crowd testimonials. Programming monitored to 0045. (Van Horn)

5990 Radio Nacional da Amazonia 0835. End of Brazilian music to deep-voiced announcer taking phone calls. Talk and mentions of Parana, São Paulo, Puerto Alegro. Return to Braz pops at 0847. Fair signal // with tremendous signal on 6180.01. (Sellers). Streaming audio http://radios.ebc.com.br/

9818.75, Radio Nove de Julho from São Paulo at 0108. Portuguese Catholic music and announcer's text. Poor signal quality. Brazil's Super Radio Deus é Amor at 0205 with Christian music and sermon // 6120 very poor. (Sellers).

5050, Beibu Bay Radio (BBR), Nanning, 1300. “the time now is 9 PM, Beibu Bay Radio,” followed by sound of cuckoo. Very distinctive. Signal fair and no hint of AIR Aizawl being here today. Only BBR heard today (Ron Howard, CA/DX Window 509)

5969.99, Gannan PBS, Hezuo, 1230-1240. Station ID. Chinese language is on the air at this time every day, signal at this time which is strong and stable in Japan, SINPO 44343. (Wagai/DX Window 509)

6135, Voice of Freedom, Hwaseong, 1134-1420. Found the first day that the DPRK finally decided to use the effective white noise heavy jamming, instead of the recently heard ineffective Shiokaze type jamming (pulsating noise). At 1300 impossible to make out one word of the "H?o H?o English” lesson for English and Chinese, but Jul 04 had only light pulsating noise jamming. (Howard). Also heard at 1805, Jul 05, Korean to North Korea. (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria/DX Window 509)

5910.06, Alcaraván Radio, Lomalinda, 2325-2335. Spanish religious talk, SINPO 35333. (Petersen). Also heard at 0530-0545. Latin American songs, SINPO 24322. (Méndez/DX Window 509)

4765, Radio Progreso, 0315-0323. Spanish program of old pop Latin American songs as "Me lo dijo Adela," and Black is Black by Los Bravos. SINPO 24322. (Manuel Méndez, Spain/HCDX)

6000.Radio Habana Cuba, La Habana, 0140-0148. Arnie Coro telling in English, how his amateur radio proved successfull during an emergency on Cuba, SINPO 55444. (Anker Petersen/DX Window 509)

4055, Radio Verdad, 0455-0508. Spanish religious comments and music. SINPO 14321. (Méndez) Streaming audio http://www.radioverdad.org/

5050, AIR Aizawl, 1209-1235. Back on the air today mixing with Beibu Bay Radio (China). Subcontinent music, 1220-1225 in English ("commentary" ?), 1230 "this is All India Radio." News and sports in English. By 1235 it was a real mess on 5050, as they were both of equal strength. (Ron Howard, CA/DX Window 509)

9870, AIR, Bengaluru, 1143-1200. “Phir Wohi Raat Hai Khwab Ki” Kishore Kumar, cover song of Carpenters – Sing(?). It’s possible to hear well many Indian songs every day at this schedule. I think that it’s quite an interesting song for people in Europe and the US, SINPO 45343. (Wagai/DX Window 509)

3344.87, RRI Ternate, 1153-1230. Nice to have this back on the air for Ramadan. Mostly reciting from the Qur'an. Did not carry the Jakarta news at 1201, at 1230 light music, segment of phone calls and more reciting from the Qur'an. Signal began very poor and slowly improved. (Ron Howard, CA/DX Window 509)

4869.90v, RRI Wamena, 1239. Another Thursday edition of Kang Guru Indonesia (KGI), already in progress. Nice to find they are carrying their programs in sequence, with today being # 8504. First aired in February. History of International Woman's Day. Signal was poor, but semi-readable. (Ron Howard, CA/DX Window 509)

9525.87, Voice of Indonesia, Cimanggis, *0947-1139; 1005-1055 in English with “Exotic Indonesia” joint production between VOI Jakarta and "95.3 FM, RRI Denpasar" (Bali). News and "Today in History", live time check for "it's 6:30" in Bali (1030 UT). Chatting about activities in Bali. Chinese at 1100 with segment preempted by special "live program" in English. Many spots about the upcoming presidential and VP election, between pop songs, segment about South Kalimantan and their local music. (Ron Howard, CA/DX Window 509)

12080, VOIRI/IRIB Kamalabad ar 0228 in Arabic with Islamic programming. Chors at 0230 to presumed national anthem. lady announcer's text amid poor signal quality. Station monitored in Uzbek service on 11880 at 0223. Just after sign-on with traditional Arabic music and presumed anthem. Call to Prayers at 0225. (Sellers). Streaming audio www.irib.ir

15540, Radio Kuwait, Kabd, 1941-2100.* English feature about development activities in Kuwait to 1956 pop music. Several nice IDs, news at 2049 followed by closing pop music selection. At 2058 ID and closedown announcements to orchestra national anthem.  5+1 time pips at 2100, ID in Arabic and music fanfare just before carrier cut. Signal fair. (Rich D’Angelo, PA?DX Window 509)

9835 RTM Sarwak FM at 1014. Studio porgram with DJ format in Bahasa Malaysian. Southeast Asian music to ID, talk and ID repeat at 1025. Apparent "canned" station promo and ID over music at 1031. Station was off the air earlier due to antenna problems. (Sellers)  Streaming audio www.rtmsarawak.gov.my/ Station noted on 11665 at 1315 in Bahasa Malaysian. Station IDs of Wai FM and radio Malaysia. Strong signal. (Sellers).

4755l5 The Cross Radio at 1144 with announcer's talk about addictions and how God helped him. Pastor at 1148 before an audience. Religious music to DTMF tones heard shutting down transmitter. Poor signal quality. (Sellers).

9575, Radio Mediterranee Intl/Radio Medi. French programming at 0438 with intros for American tune Stupid Cupid by Mandy Moore, followed by continued French pop vocals. Signal fair. (Sellers).
Streaming audio http://www.medi1.com/

15355, Radio Sultanate of Oman, 2326-2352.* Two male announcer speaking in the Arabic language. Station ID at 2330, more talk. At 2340 Middle Eastern music with brief talks between selections, carrier terminated mid-song at 2352. Good signal. (Rich D’Angelo, PA/DX Window 509)

4835.05, Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba, 2350-2358. Music and Spanish announcement heard several times lately with good signal. (Nilsson and Wilkner/DX Window 509)

4955.023, Radio Cultura Amauta, 0015-0030. Spanish conversations from two male's , followed by a two extensive text in Spanish. May have been a religiour or political gathering. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

North Korea
11710, Voice of Korea at 1337 with classical music, followed by discussion about re-unification of the Koreans. Good signal, heard on // 9435. (Sellers).

9965 Radio Australia relay at 1320 with Saturday Night Country program and a promo for the Hot Country Ultimate Party (a CD ?). Fair signal quality. Streaming audio www.radioaustralia.net.au
World Harvest Radio's Palau relay on 9930 at 1321. Saturday/Sunday broadcast with religious sermon. Station ID for Waymaker Ministries. Noted on 11600 at 1438-1500 from Palau relay. (Sellers).

Papua New Guinea
3205 NBC Sandaun at 1202 in Tok Pisin/Pidgin language. newscast but too weak to confirm if in English. Frequencies 3260 and 3365 kHz were also heard in parallel but signal was very weak. (Sellers). PNG's NBC East New Britain on 3385 at 1150 with time check and phone number at 1159  playing Zamfir music and off suddenly off the air at 1200. (Sellers).

11800, Deutsche Welle relay at 0513. Interview concerning Nigeria for a fair signal quality. Relay also heard on 12070 // 11800 with drama/documentary about African family that has emigrated to Europe. (Sellers).

South Africa
3345, Channel Africa 0425. Vernacular (Afrikaans ?) conversation from male/female in an interview. Poor signal quality. BBC's Meyerton, South African relay heard on 11945 at 0519. Newsday program discussing a confederence on sexual violence. Sports headlines at 0521 for good signal. (Sellers)

4775, Trans World Radio. German religious sermon, followed by a hymn. Signal fair-poor with CODAR interference. Also noted on 9500 at 0515 in English (Sellers)

15195, Radio Free Asia at 1358 in Tibetan. Two men in discussion to 1359. Taped announcements and off the air at 1400. Signal jammed by Firedrake up to 1400. Poor signal quality (Sellers).

7194.98, UBC R, Kampala, 2204-2210. Latin American music, 2210 Central African language accent presenter, S=9+10dB strength here in southern Germany, extended programme during Ramadan? (Bueschel). Also heard in Japan at 2000-2100, but not confirmed by ID. (Wagai). Not heard Jul 07 and 08 at 1855-2040. (Anker Petersen, Denmark/DX WIndow 509)

15735 NHK/Radio Japan relay. News text from duo at 1402, // 11705 via Palau relay for very poor signal. (Sellers).

United States
9920, KNLS Alaska at 1500. Signing on with interval signal and ID as, "this is Alaska calling." Fair signal. Additional monitoring on 7355. Christian music followed by 'the new life station KNLS" to entertainmeny news. Fair signal. (Sellers).

Vatican City State
11625, Vatican Radio at 0503. News of Pope's weekly events including coverage of meeting with presidents of Israel and the Palestinian Authority at the Vatican. Fair signal quality. (Sellers) Vatican's Madagascar relay heard on 13765 and 11625 with African news. Streaming audio http://www.radiovaticana.va/#