Sunday, July 26, 2015

Historic RIAS Berlin MW mast demolished

It is 54 years old, now the former RIAS transmission tower in Berlin-Britz
has been blown up. With its 160 metre height, it was one of the highest
buildings in the city. Used since 1961 for the medium wave distribution of
RIAS (Radio in the American Sector) and later Deutschlandradio Kultur
[until September 2013].

The Britzer transmitter can look back on an eventful history. After the construction of the first transmitting stations went from here on September 4, 1946, the Radio in the American Sector (RIAS) on Air. Later it was Europe's most powerful medium-wave transmitter, for years to overcome the jammer from East Berlin.

Full article including video of the demolition and photos of the historic RIAS MW mast in Berlin-Britz being demolished on 18th July 2015 at:

Also there are many photos of the transmitter site at the bottom of this
same page.

Also a report on Deutsche Welle (DW) Polish website at:
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK July 21)
(BCDX2/WWDXC Top Nx 1216/23 Jul)