Sunday, July 26, 2015

Monitoring Indonesia

RRI Palemburg
Logs edited for clarity

All times UTC  * sign-on / sign-off*

3905 { 3904.981 kHz) measured at 1155 on July 23, S=9+15dB, Warta Brita announcement at 1159,
probably also 4749.993 kHz next to 4750 China, wb.}, RRI Merauke. Very nice to find them still broadcasting post-Ramadan. Recently has been the strongest RRI station heard; much better
than 3324.88 {measured July 23 on 3324.891 kHz at 1130} kHz.

RRI Palangkaraya or 4869.88 {measured July 23 on 4869.911 kHz at 1130* see also PNG signal in
Brisbane Queensland under PNG, wb} kHz, RRI Wamena.

July 17. Brief edition of Jakarta news, ending with patriotic song "Bagimu Negeri" at 1215. At 1300 another Jakarta news, ending with "Bagimu Negeri" at 1308. Atsunori Ishida
indicates they also had Jakarta news at 1400. First day of their unique three newscasts!

July 18. Again with multiple newscasts; ending news with "Bagimu Negeri" at 1219. Atsunori also shows 1301 and 1401 news.

July 19, ending Jakarta news at 1214 UT with "Bagimu Negeri." News again, ending with "Bagimu Negeri" at 1309 (not shown by Atsunori).

July 20. At 1300, time pips and Jakarta news ending with "Bagimu Negeri" at 1315.

July 21. Jakarta news ending at 1224 UT with "Bagimu Negeri." At 1301, time pips and news and economic news ending with "Bagimu Negeri," followed by local ID. By far my best reception so far.

Audio contains fairly clear ID for economic news RRI, patriotic song "Bagimu Negeri," followed by local ID.

RRI Ternate did not broadcast at all this year during Ramadan as they normally have done in past years.

Reminder - Next month (August) we can expect patriotic song "Bagimu Negeri," that is now played at the end of the 1200. Jakarta news, to be replaced by patriotic song "Dirgahayu Indonesiaku," starting Aug . This is due to the fact that Indonesian Independence Day is August 17, so they
play "Dirgahayu Indonesiaku" all month long.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 21)
(BCDX2/WWDXC TopNx 1216/23 Jul)