Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Monitoring Solomon Islands

SIBC QSL (Gayle Van Horn Collection)
SIBC - Solomon Islands

Edited for clarity

All times UTC        *sign -on /sign-off *

5020.0, SIBC, Honiara, 1204-1403. At the end of the national anthem, they did in fact start the audio feed of Wantok FM, playing all pop songs with frequent brief IDs, most common being "this is Wantok FM 96.3. Good Times. Great music." Reception well above the norm. Audio: .
Only open carrier heard Jun 12 at 1136-1404. But  on Jun 13 at 1141-1200* end of normal audio, transmitter off sometime after that. On Jun 14 was only heard an open carrier with no audio. Jun 15 had outstanding reception at 1200-1340, usual brief national anthem, 1201 pop songs via relay of Wantok FM 96.3, at 1203 played long version of national anthem followed by the only ID heard today. Normally they give IDs after every other song, but not today; non-stop pop songs and by 1340 had dropped down to fair.
On Jun 16 at 1155 with the normal "evening devotional", ID and national anthem, after 1203-1245 only open carrier (no audio). On Jun 17 open carrier (no audio) at 1129-1200*. On Jun 18, 1140-1203*, normal programs (DJ/pop songs/ "evening devotional"/ ID/national anthem). On Jun 28 started the Sunday audio feed of Wantok FM at 1202,  playing all Christian religious songs; fair to almost good and still going at 1342. Why is every day different now? (Howard).
Also heard at 1155, Jul 03, usual format of devotional, prayer, woman with ID and frequencies, national anthem, ended before 1203, then dead air to past 1205. Checked back at 1209-1300 and now relaying Wantok FM, songs “Black Velvet” and U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’ve Been Looking For.” All Pacific pop songs after that, 1233 announcements about “celebrating 37 years of our nation’s independence”, and one about a national speech competition. SINPO 45343 but deteriorating to poor. (Sellers).

Also heard at 1910, Jun 13, just a few minutes with weak audio before disappearing. (Nilsson)
(DX WIndow 533/08 Jul)