Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Voice of Nigeria, Radio Deutsche Welle Pledge Better Corporation

Nigeria’s international radio broadcast organisation, the Voice of Nigeria (VON) and its German equivalent, Radio Deutsche Welle (DW), over the weekend agreed to strengthen their existing bilateral relationship with the objective of promoting socio- economic advancement of Nigeria and Germany.

This followed a high-level meeting between the two Corporations which took place over the weekend at the Broadcasting House, Ikoyi Lagos station VON.

In his remark, the Director General of Voice of Nigeria, Sam O. Worlu said the meeting became necessary in order to review existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two international radio networks which was signed sixteen years ago and reviewed last in 2006. Such a review, he said, would ensure that all elements of the MoU are made effective, so as to engender maximum benefits to the two organisations.

While praising Radio Deutsche Welle for its effective service delivery as well as rich news and programmes content, Worlu said VON is looking forward to acquiring technical assistance and training of its staff, to enhance its online service, among other needs. He announced that VON would soon re-start its German program which was closed down when Germany was divided into two different countries.

Responding, the Director General of Radio Deutsche Welle, Mr. Peter Limbourg applauded the improvement of VON service especially its recent compliance with the demands of the new media, saying that reaching young people in Germany is being made easier by the online services of VON.
According to Limbourg, Nigeria is a country with huge potentials and a destination for investment and tourism and therefore described the partnership with VON as being of immense benefit to his organisation, agreeing that there was the need to review the MoU in order to activate areas that are yet to be exploited for mutual benefits of the two organisations.

Among those in Limbourg’s delegation are Klaus Bergmann, Director International Relations, Claus Stäcker, Head of Africa Programs, Sevan Ibrahim-Sauer, Head of Distribution Africa and Thomas Mösch, Head of Hausa Service while Mr. Sam Worlu was joined by Yusuf A. Yusuf, Executive Director Programs, Suleiman Ahazia, Executive Director News and other top management officers of VON in receiving the German visitors.

Highlights of the meeting was the exchange of gifts by the two Directors General, with Worlu presenting Talking Drum to Limbourg, saying it was a historical but still relevant information and entertainment medium used in many Nigerian communities and across Africa.
(Jose Miguel Romero Romero/playdx)