Friday, August 28, 2015

Two Important Publications from Teak Publishing

New Summer 2015 International Shortwave Broadcast Guide
            Shortwave radio is your window to the world, states the well known radio writer Gayle Van Horn.  Throughout the world, shortwave remains the most readily available and affordable means of communication and information.  It lets you listen to voices from around the world.  You'll also learn about the lives and concerns of people from all walks of life, from soldiers, to farmers, to retired scholars.  Shortwave radio provides nearly instantaneous coverage of news and events from all across our globe.
            Shortwave listening, or SWLing, is the hobby of listening to shortwave radio broadcasts located on frequencies between 1700 kHz and 30 MHz, also known as HF or the High Frequency bands.  You can easily listen to shortwave broadcast stations from countries all around the world; all you need is a shortwave receiver.  When and what to listen for is covered comprehensively in the pages of a new edition of the International Shortwave Broadcast Guide.
            The International Shortwave Broadcast Guide (Summer 2015 edition), by Amazon bestselling author Gayle Van Horn, W4GVH, is an important information resource you need to tap into the worldwide shortwave broadcast radio spectrum.  It is a 24-hour station/frequency guide to almost all of the known stations currently broadcasting on shortwave radio at the time of publication.
            We might add that this unique shortwave resource offers an hour by hour schedule that includes all language services, frequencies and world target areas for each broadcast station.  In addition, there are new chapters that cover basic shortwave radio listening and Whos Who in the Shortwave Radio Spectrum.   Also extensive work has been done to improve the readability of this edition on the various Kindle platforms.
            The International Shortwave Broadcast Guide (Summer 2015 edition) is now available for purchase worldwide from at  The price for this latest edition is still the amazingly low US $4.99.   This book is being released internationally from all Amazon websites.
            This new e-publication edition is an expanded version of the English shortwave broadcast guide formerly printed in the pages of Monitoring Times magazine for over 20 years. This one of a kind e-book is now being published twice a year to correspond with station seasonal time and frequency changes.  Frequency updates between editions are posted on the Shortwave Central blog at: http://mt-

            The International Shortwave Broadcast Guide will have wide appeal to a large array of shortwave radio hobbyists, amateur radio operators, educators, foreign language students, news agencies, news buffs and many more who are interested in listening to a global view regarding news and events as they happen.

QSLing the World - A How-to Guide
Another book written by Gayle Van Horn that is available electronically tells the story QSLing the World.  Gayle was previously a Monitoring Times columnist and the shortwave frequency manager for the magazine.  Her book is a comprehensive resource and reference ebook for any radio hobbyist who is interested in acquiring a verification of reception from almost any type of radio station, whether it is broadcast, utility, amateur, satellite, or clandestine.
            While some radio hobbyists are program listeners who listen simply for program content, there is a large segment of listeners in the hobby who like to collect written proof that they have indeed monitored the stations they have received or talked to.  They do this by sending a report of reception in the hope that the station staff will return a card or letter, a QSL, verifying the radio reception.   Along with QSLs, some radio hobbyists also collect station memorabilia that may include such items as frisbees, bumper stickers, pennants, decals, T-shirts, or anything associated with the station logo, slogan or call sign.
            This new 140 plus page eBook, QSLing the World, draws from Gayle's 30 plus years of experience in the radio hobby. This includes best general practices in logging, reporting, and mailing a station reception report.  Gayle also addresses an often-neglected question: What do you do with your QSL cards and letters after they start to accumulate?
            This second edition of QSLing the World is now in Kindle eBook format; it is the most comprehensive compilation of trends and tips on the art of QSLing ever published for the radio listening hobbyist.  It is an important reference guide in any radio shack for those who want to QSL the stations they are hearing on their radios.