Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Blog Logs

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Logs edited for clarity

12060. July 5, 2016. 1952-1959, Radio Algerienne, Issoudun-F, in Arabic. Very good broadc, SINPO 55544. (Jota Xavier/HCDX)

9644.9, Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, 2037-2050 Soccer comments, live, match France-Iceland. //11925. SINPO 14321. (Manuel Méndez)
9514.9, Radio Marumby, Curitiba, 2018-2027. Portuguese religious comments and songs. SINPO 14321. (Méndez)
9664.8, Voz Missionaria, Camboriú, 2030-2043. Portuguese religious comments. SINPO 24322. (Méndez)
9724.8, Radio RB2, Curitiba, 2024-2036. Portuguese religious comments, religious songs. //11934.6. SINPO 13321. (Méndez)
11735, Radio Transmundial, Santa María, 1945-1956. Portuguese religious comments. Interference from Zanzibar. SINPO 21321. (Méndez)
11815, Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 2040-2050. Portuguese soccer comments. Interference from Arabia (11820). SINPO 22321. (Méndez)
11925.1, Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, 2012-2035. Portuguese soccer, live match Alemania vs Italy, identification: "Na Radio
Bandeirantes". SINPO 23322. (Méndez)
11934.6, Radio RB2, Curitiba, 2028-2037. Religious songs and comments in Portuguese. // 9724.8. SINPO 13321. (Méndez)

9730 1943-1950, Chia Radio Int'l (Kashgar) in Portuguese. Program presents a Chinese Class; ID, address to song. Very good broadcast. SINPO 45544. 13700. 1848-1855, CRI (Urumqi) in Amoy. Announcer's talks to conversation and Chinese pop song. Good signal and modulation, SINPO 45444. (Jota Xavier/HCDX)

4765, Radio Progreso, La Habana, 0032-0040. Cuban songs. SINPO 34433. (Méndez)

6050, HCJB, Pichincha, 0449-0500.* Music, German comments, identification, anthem, identification in Spanish, time
signals and close. SINPO 4322. (Méndez)

HCJB Germany, Weenermoor, 1925-1936. Religious songs and comments, German. // 7365 and 3995. 14321. (Méndez)
6005, Radio Mi Amigo, Kall Krekel, 0701-0718. Pop music, English, identification: "Radio Mi Amigo". SINPO 14321. (Méndez)

4055, Radio Verdad, Chiqimula, 0503-0520. English, religious songs and comments. SINPO 14321. (Méndez)

5050, AIR Aizawl (presumed), 1154-1236. Tuned in to find two stations equally mixing together (Beibu Bay Radio (China and AIR). Could make out in English during the usual 1220-1225 and then again 1230-1235 with sports news. AIR with very respectable signal strength, but having problems with the BBR interference. So even though reception was a mess, still nice to find AIR on the air. (Ron Howard, CA/HCDX)

6050, ELWA Radio, Monrovia, *0529-0536. Tuning music, religious program, English. SINPO 14321. (Méndez)

9635, Radio Mali, Bamako, *0800-0811. Tuning music, French, identification, comments. SINPO 14321. (Méndez)