Tuesday, January 09, 2018

DAB+ gets a boost in France: CSA announces a clear and detailed plan

Just after Christmas French regulator, the CSA, announced its plan for the acceleration of DAB+ rollouts in France. In this blog, Jean-Marc Dubreuil, Country Manager, France, at WorldDAB, explains the key points from the consultation and the CSA’s proposals.
The new strategy is titled “nodes and arcs.” Metropolitan coverage will be the nodes of the strategy, while highways and main road are the arcs. The plan was shaped throughout 2017, gathering input from the industry, and spoilers were revealed during the WorldDAB General Assembly in November 2017 in Paris.

What can France expect from this ambitious plan? By 2020, the 47 most populated area of France (70%+ of the population) will be covered by a regional DAB+ multiplex and 47% by a local multiplex. If the national call for application is successful, highways and main roads will offer the continuity of radio listening for the drivers from north to south and east to west. By 2021, DAB+ will have brought a significant improvement to the radio industry, giving French radio a chance to compete in the digital age.  

Additional text at: https://worlddabeureka.org/2018/01/08/dab-gets-a-boost-in-france-csa-announces-a-clear-and-detailed-plan/