Sunday, January 07, 2018

World Music Radio back on shortwave

On January 8th 2005 a hurricane force storm knocked down the transmitter aerial of World Music Radio (WMR) at the transmitter site near Karup in western Denmark, and silenced WMR broadcasting on 5815 kHz (7 kW).

 After a short break of 13 years - WMR is now back on short wave. Broadcasting on the new frequency of 5840 kHz commenced today January 7th at 0000. This time using low power only - 100 W only - into an Inverted V aerial at the new transmitter site near Randers, Denmark. Later 927 and 15805 kHz will be added.

 The music format is tropical world music, and WMR can also be heard via online streaming at
(WMR Facebook page)