Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Voice of Korea announces new focus on Letterbox program

North Korea
Voice of Korea

The first issue of the Mailbox program on Voice of Korea in the first year announced that, at the request of the listeners, programming will cover about the history and culture, tourism in the DPRK, and familiarize with the recipes of traditional Korean dishes.

"Last year, our office received a lot of requests from listeners who asked us to tell a lot about the history and culture of the Korean nation, to introduce in detail the traditional Korean dishes and tourism in the DPRK."

In the new year in our programs we will widely cover all this",the presenter said. Today the Voice of Korea hour program consists of a national anthem, patriotic songs, news, short notes or essays, music, announcements of broadcasting frequencies. Sometimes on the air there are small headings
dedicated to the listeners' feedback on programs, songs from friendly countries, etc.
On the website of the radio station at: http://www.vok.rep.kp in the form of audio files, daily news, political commentaries, phrases, for studying the Korean language and much more.

According to the directory Radio Broadcasting in Russian, broadcasting in Russian from Pyongyang began June 15, 1963. This year, the Russian edition of the radio Voice of Korea will turn 55 years old.
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #958 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 7)
(Top News #1329/09 Jan 2018)