Friday, July 27, 2018

Blog Logs - Monitoring the Middle East

As tensions rise in the Middle East, staying on issues will keep you informed. Station monitoring results are recent SDR logging's from our secluded DX Cabin in the mountains

All times UTC / frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency

Crest of Bahrain 
1584, Radio Bahrain, 1500-1530, Station identification to English world newscast and Bahrain weather forecast. Closing with news headlines. Station ID, and announcer's wishes for a "very good evening" Station musical jingle to Arabic pop/hip hop music. Tentative signal on station's 9745 kHz. Canned ID, "this is Bahrain - the best music on radio" Lady DJ mentions the "greatest hits from Bahrain." U.S. hip-hop program. SIO 434 "The best music in town - Radio Bahrain FM" into Bruno Mars tune. (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)

5930, VOIRI/Pranars Today, 1840-1900. Albanian text from 1840 tune-in // 7250 kHz. Minimal fading on both frequencies. Numerous mentions of Iran, station ID’s and program features. Albanian service extends to 1920. VOIRI on 7425 in Arabic, 2105-2155. Recitations to 2145, with additional Arabic service on frequency. Announcer’s script to 2155 tune-out. (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)

VOIRI on 9810 kHz
9810, VOIRI/Pars Today, 1920-2020. English service for announcer’s text on religious wars and recent war of words with the U.S. Station ID, promo, website and frequency for English service. English easy-listening vocals to additional identification. Arabic style music to announcer’s chat with station correspondent on U.S. political banter. English to 2020. (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)

1287 MW, Voice of Hope-Middle East, 2316-2335. Weak signal for Arabic religious text with background music. Presumed a sermon text. Minimal fades, though audible. Station information at 2325 including P.O. Box, web address, and station info. Barely audible Arabic vocals by 2329, tune-out by 2335. (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)

15140, Radio Sultanate of Oman, 1935-1950. Arabic service with fair-poor signal. Announcer’s briefs between music vocals. Also heard with fair signal, BBC’s Oman relay on 1413 MW in English.  (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)

675 AM, Qatar RTC, Al Arish, 1310-1345. As you would expect from the Qatar SDR, station has a flame-thrower signal. All Arabic programming with news, Arabic music and text. (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)

Saudi Arabia
12015, SBC Radio Saudi-General Prgrm 1, 2203-2230. Poor signal for Arabic service intro’s (SIO 212) // 9870 considerably improved with 434 SIO. Arabic feature sounds like a radio drama. (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)

11915, SBC Radio Saudi-Holy Qur’an, 2105-2120. Arabic Qu’ran in progress with SIO 322, // 11930 not heard or 11820. (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)

SBC Radio Saudi-Holy Quran on SDR

882 MW, SBC Radio Saudi-Holy Qur’an, 2232-2315. Arabic Qur’an at tune-in. Station is 100 kW, and dominates this frequency. Saudi’s Radio Jeddah active in Arabic on 1206 MW (10 kW). Saudi’s Radio Jeddah heard in Arabic 1206 MW (SIO 322) Radio Riyadh in Arabic on 1449, monitored from 2350-0000. Fanfare intros, station ID and Arabic newscast at 0000. Great signal for 200 kW powerhouse. (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)

5960, Voice of Turkey, 2005-2030. Turkish programming on features on Turkey. Muddled audio for // 9460. Station of late has been on various non-scheduled frequencies in several language services. (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)

United Arab Emirates
1269 MW, Radio Asia 2220-2240. Malayalam text between Arabic vocals. Station’s good quality signal was mixing with Radio Kuwait on MW and possibly Iran. Radio Asia operates on a 24-hour schedule. SINPO 44344.  (SDR Izghawa, Qatar)