Saturday, July 21, 2018

Free Radio Service-Holland, summer program schedules

Free Radio Service Holland, as in past years, will be on air in the summer period with evening broadcasts. For this year we have decided to broadcast two broadcasts. 

The first one is scheduled for Sunday July 22, starting at 16:52 UTC/ 18:52 CEST. Close-down will be at 20:50 UTC/ 22:50 CEST
Frequencies will be 7700 kHz in the 48 meter band. For this broadcast, we will not air on 9300 kHz. .

FRS-HOLLAND Programming for Sunday July 22
UTC Time
Station-opening: ID's & Theme tune
FRS Golden ShowRoger Davis.
Roger focuses on 60s/70s tracks.
Musical Express- Bert van Leer
Bert mainly plays 70s/80s tracks.
Radiowaves- Dave Scott
Excellent classic rock to be heard nowhere else on SW
German Show- Jan van Dijk
A nice choice of up-to-date music and a few interesting items
FRS Magazine - Peter Verbruggen.
Includes a tunes item plus…Summer sounds.
Close down
Choosing for ‘the best of both worlds’ FRSH goes for broadcasting on short wave in good old AM and digital high-quality web streaming. That means you can make their choice out of two possibilities: [] and []. Details will follow as soon as possible. 
Correct reception reports include: date + time of reception, QTH, frequency, your receiver/antenna and most important: adequate program details (artists/records etc.). In case you are forwarding an MP3 file (which is much appreciated!) please make sure you include: date, time, frequency QTH within the file name! Thanks in advance! E-mails including correct reception reports to < > will be consequently replied by our E-QSL. If you prefer a good looking high quality color QSL (hard copy) and large color sticker (plus personal letter), you must write to our Herten maildrop!! Please enclose 3 US dollars or three Euro. Please do not send any IRCs.

FRS on air on Sunday August 26
On August 26, FRS will go on air with programming including presenters; Jan van Dijk (German), Bert van Leer, Dave Scott & Peter Verbruggen. It will be the in-official celebration of our 38th anniversary. All shows will be thematic. In the past years various interesting themes were presented: Made in Holland, progressive rock from Dutch bands, Music & Radio Stories, music related to the 'Sea' topic. FRS will surprise you with new themes upcoming August!