Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Blog Logs

Recent SDR loggings from our secluded DX Cabin in the mountains

All times UTC / frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency

6035, Yunnan RTV Int’l/Voice of Shangri-La, 0030-0105. Chinese programming from male/female hosting, with musical jingles, public-service format announcements and friendly chat. Voice-overs from various segments. Pop Chinese vocals to easy-listening tunes. Station promotional and jingle at 0057. Time tips signal at 0100, followed by Chinese music program. Signal fair, minimal fading. (SDR Shenzhen, China)

6.520, Voice of the People, 1745-1805. Korean text noted under signal jamming // 6600. Both freqs jammed to North Korea. Asian music to 1800, followed by two announcer’s chat. (SDR Twente, Netherlands)

11530, Radio Denge Welat, 1725-1745. Kurdish service for two announcer’s chat about Iran and Washington DC. Station is relayed via Armenia. (SDR Twente, Netherlands)

5840, World Music Radio, 1822-1840. Pop vocals to station ID and website info. Hip-hop tune to Andean flute music. Station ID. Nice variety of music - station is definitely ‘World Music Radio.’
(SDR Twente, Netherlands)

5920, HCJB Deutschland, 1925-1935. German religious text amid fair signal quality. Best on LSB for monitoring. (SDR Twente, Netherlands)

6160, SW Service Radio, 1930-1935. John Lennon tune to English service DJ’s music talk. Promotional to Euro pops. Weak signal peaked at 1935. (SDR Twente, Netherlands)

9420, Voice of Greece, 1935-1945. Announcer’s Greek text at tune-in. Station identification at 1938 to Greek musical vocals. No signal of // 9935. (SDR Twente, Netherlands)

9380, All India Radio-National Channel, 2005-2010. Hindi programming amid lengthy Indian music program. Announcer’s talk amid poor signal quality.(SDR New Delhi, India)

VO Indonesia via RRI Palangkaraya relay

3325, Kalimantan/Borneo, Voice of Indonesia relay via RRI Palangkaraya, 2025-2058. French service with national news items, Indo pop vocals, station ID’s with mentions of broadcasting on “9525 kilohertz.”  Email contact info, to announcer’s closing comments. Drum signal at 2058 to sign-off. Japanese service 1244-1305, similar program format. English service 1308-1328. Newscast, Win a Trip to Indonesia contest questions, Today in History program and item about the upcoming Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang. News in Brief, station ID’s, and contest preview. English service is also mentioning they are broadcasting on 9525 kilohertz. French, Japanese and English services had the exact program formats. (SDR Jakarta, Indonesia)

Monitoring Laos signals on 6130 kHz
6130, Lao National Radio, 0000-0030. Station interval signal to bell tones. Male announcer’s Laotian station identification and mentions of “Lao National Radio.” national anthem, followed by martial music at 0003. Additional mentions of Laos. National news from 0006, clips of correspondent reports. Rapid static increase by 0020. Laotian music as intro to feature on Laos. Audio clips from a comedy routine to a musical jingle. Fair signal. SDR Shenzhen, China)

Station audible on subsequent daily checks for 6130, Khmer logged 1345-1400, followed by Chinese 1400-1430. English commences at 1430–1500. All services include news on Laos, flute/Laotian music and time tips to station identification. SDR Hanoi, Vietnam)