Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency

Stations monitored February 15-25, 2020 

SDR references as indicated

AWR Europe QSL 
AWR Europe relay via Moosbrunn, 11955 kHz. Listed as Punjabi service, 1545. Fair signal (SIO 322) with religious program formats to 1554.  Choral hymn to 1557 and station ID, contact info, web address, interval signal to 1559 sign-off. (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

TWR Bonaire, 800 kHz AM, Spanish service 0010 tune-in, with station promos, local time check and PSA’s. Bible scriptures and Christian radio dramas from 0015. Christo program promos. Video offer with address to “Radio Trans Mundial Biblica Internacional;.” Station info, website, address. Spanish contemporary Christian tune. (Bonaire SDR)

USAGM/Voice of America relay. English service Sunnyside of Sports program feature with interviews, and goals for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Station ID, morning program promos for African News segment. Station freqs, ID and schedules. VOA’s São Tomé relay on 9515 kHz at 1905 tune-in. French newscast, best in // 15730 (no sign of 12075) (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

Radio Nacional do Amazonia QSL
Radio Nacional do Amazonia 11780 kHz. Tune-in 1653 to announcer’s Portuguese talk and reading names, followed by a Portuguese rendition of Happy Birthday tune. Easy-listening vocals to talk and several references to “Radio Nacional.” World news topics. (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP) Braz vocals to “Nacional” ID on 6180 kHz at 0037. Samba vocals, “Nacional do Amazonia” ID and evening hello’s to listeners in Argentina and Motto Gross, Brazil with music dedications. Subsequent monitoring for late afternoon monitoring from 2000-2200 on 6180 // 1780 kHz with Brazilian news topics, phone-in correspondent’s report. (SDR-S.B. Campo, Brazil) Radio Relogio Federal, 4905 kHz, 0045. Portuguese Christian pop vocals to announcer’s music intro. English pop/rap to the 23rd Psalm – I Just Need You as announced title. Promo for upcoming Christian pop tune, Overcomer. Additional Portuguese/English Christian pops to PSA. Station info at 0100 with brief devotional. (SDR-S.B. Campo, Brazil)

Radio Ndarason International 12050 kHz vis Ascension Islands. African highlife vocals 1920, to listed Hausa/Kanuri service. Station ID and promo to chat and program features.  (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP) SOH/Sound of Hope, Xi Wang Zhi Sheng, 11530 kHz. SOH from 1405 with Asian vocals, and religious cadence text in presumed Chinese. Frequent signal fades, sharing 11530 kHz with additional clandestine station. Sermons led to Asian religious tunes and 1440 tune-out, followed by signal peak of other station. Denge Welat/VO Homeland via Moldova relay in Kurdish. Programming of Middle Eastern music, interviews and talk. Good signal for programming to 2200.  (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP) Denge Welat audible at 1430 tune-in. Kurdish text on 11530 kHz, (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

Radio Habana Cuba QSL
Radio Habana 11760 kHz. Spanish newscast 1410 to correspondent reports. Fanfare melody intros to feature on Venezuela/Cuba’s ongoing relations, and the country in general. Info on Radio Habana, frequency/hour schedules. Parallels on 7340, 9535, 13700 kHz. Cuba’s Radio Rebelde 5025 kHz from 1450 tune-in. Cuban conga music to 1500 canned ID and intro to Spanish news briefs on Cuba to 1502. Local time check, station promos.  (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

AWR Europe relay via Nauen, 11560 kHz. Tune-in 1635 with ethnic African music to Tigrinya service. Religious scriptures and conversations (SIO 433). (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP) Bible Voice BC relay via Nauen, 11875 kHz. Announcer’s Nuer text 1645, followed by listed Somali service. Both religious programming formats to 1650 tune-out. (SIO 333) (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

Voice of Greece, 9420 kHz. Greek newscast topics to announcer’s comments. (SIO 434). Fanfare intro’s into Greek music program. (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

All India Radio-External Svc, 11560 kHz. Melody interval signal at 1613, station sign-on 1615. Russian service intros of station info, ID, contact info and website address. (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

Radio Kuwait
Radio Kuwait-Main Prgrm 1134 // 963 kHz AM. Arabic news format, no // 940 AM heard, noted // 630 kHz AM, listed as Quran Prgrm. Signals matching SIO 322. Radio Kuwait Classical Arabic Music on 1269 kHz AM. This is a 24 hour schedule (SIO434)  (SDR-Kuwait)
North Korea
Voice of Korea, 9435 kHz. English service at 1520 tune-in. Ladies choral music to program announcement at 1535. No sign of // freqs 11710, 12015. Asian orchestra music with jamming noted on this frequency. Program text to additional chorus music to 1552. Station identification and info to 1555 sign-off. Noted 1600 English sign-on 9890 (no // 11645) Poor signal quality SIO 222. (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

Voice of America relay 9800 kHz. Korean text from 1435 tune-in. Closing station info to English VOA ID at 1459. Sign-off VOA ID, Yankee Doodle interval to 1500 sign-off. (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP) FEBC-Philippines 1500-1600 on 9345 kHz. Chinese sermon on being “pure of hear" to scripture readings. Christian pop vocals. Additional teachings to Russian service 9920 kHz, 1500-1600. PBS Pilipinas 9925 kHz at 1915 in Filipino on 9925 kHz, (SIO 333) // 12120, 15190 audible (barely) at SIO 212. Interviews and announcer’s chat to 1920. English ID “Philipines Broadcasting Service,.” station freqs to Spanish ID, and station info. Easy-listening Filipino vocals to 1928. ID, off 1930 (SDR-Talisay, Philippines)

Saudi Arabia
SBA Itha' Huna Al Azm, 11745 kHz. Tune-in 1435-1512 to Arabic text to 1515. Fanfare intros that separate program segments. Fair signal on this long-path reception. Very weak (222) Arabic music and talk heard from 2340. (Kiwi SDR/Izghawa, Qatar) SBA Call of Islam, 15435 // 15225 (SIO 222) at 1520. Two male’s Arabic conversation. SBA’s Quran program on 13710 kHz from 1527 tune-in (no // 17615).  Arabic text to 1545. Additional on 7425 kHz 2300-2359 without s/off. (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

United Kingdom
Voice of America 11610 kHz via Woofferton relay. Sign-on 1600 with VOA melody tune. Somali  service covering opening ID and news headlines to 1610. Fanfare intro into text on Somalia including correspondent’s report, interviews segments and continued items on African headlines. No sign of // 11910 kHz. SIO 444. ((AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

United States
WRMI-Supreme Masters TV, 15770 kHz. English programs from 1905 tune-in, Asian-themed topics from male/female duo. References to “Supreme Master TV” and contact info at 1927. Intro for Asian vocal music tunes. WBCQ 7490 kHz from 1515 tune on financial success tips. WBCQ-Last Chance Radio 9330 kHz, 1520-1540. WEWN/ETWN-Spanish on 12050 kHz, 1525-35. WRMI relaying Overcomer Ministry, 9395// 9455 kHz from 1500 tune-in. Freqs to 1700. (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)

Vatican City
USAGM-VOA Radio Ashna relay 12075 kHz. Male/female announcer duo from 2020, in Pashto with news topics and several “Radio Ashna” ID’s. Correspondent reports to musical interludes separating segments. Station ID and promo info. Announcer’s return with lengthy talk on Pakistan. (AirspyHF+D/W6LVP)
(GVH/Teak Publishing)