Thursday, February 13, 2020

The return of IBC on shortwave

IBC (Italian Broadcasting Corporation) back on shortwave 3975 / 6160 kHz!

(edited and translated from Italian for clarity)

Effective from February 15, 2020, a new Italian program Scorribande, hosted by the three voices of IBC ((Saverio Masetti, Manlio Candelli and Gabriele IZ3GOM), will transmit with 1 kW on Shortwaveradio from Lower Saxony, Germany, on the following schedule. 

All times UTC
Saturday, 2200-2300 on 3975 kHz
Sunday 0900-1000 on 3975 / 6160 kHz
Mondays 1000-1100 on 3975/ 6160 kHz
1600-1700 on 3975 kHz
2100-2200 on 3975 kHz
Wednesdays 1300-1400 on 3975 and 6160 kHz.

The contents remain the same, with news, current affairs and curiosities, plus news on amateur radio. 

Reception reports are welcome and verified with the official QSL of Shortwave Radio
Send your program details to: