Monday, June 01, 2020

Blog Logs

All times UTC / frequencies in kilohertz (kHz) SDR units as indicated // parallel frequency

Radio Algerienne. Signal on 5940 kHz with just barely audio threshold including // 5930. Able to discerne Arabic programming. Nice catch for this time of the day at my QTH. Arabic for Quran service on 9655 (SIO 433) // 9510 (222) (AirSpyHF+Discovery) Radio Algerienne 11985 (SIO 333) // 12060 (222) with Quran. (Qatar SDR)

Radio Nacional da Amazonia, 11780 kHz, Portuguese. Band scanning, heard from 1540. Great signal, plenty of ID's with frequency quote. Program promos, clear IDs and frequency quote repeat. Salsa and Braz pops. Extra station info with ID/frequency at 1600.Special music program from 1603,  featuring vintage instrumentals from the 1940's. Nice catch for this time of the day. (Air Spy HF+Discovery)

Iran International TV via Armenia relay. Fair signal on 6270 kHz at 1815 tune-in. Announcer's Farsi text to various program segments. Sound of Hope (Xi Wang Zhi Sheng) in Cantonese/Chinese via Taiwan on 12190. AQnnouncer's religious format to background piano hymn music from 1620.  Additional vocal hymns, SIO 333. Chinese Firedrake noted on 11745 from 1845 with Saudi Arabia's Itha Huna Al Azm in Arabic underneath. Firedrake dominates the frequency. (AirSpyHF+Discovery)

Radio Ndarason Internationale 12050, 1915-1935. Woofferton, UK relay, targeted to Chad. African ethnic vocals to reporter's phone-in info including his reference to the station. Topics about Africa. Interviews and conversations in listed Kanuri language to 1923. African ethnic vocals to lady's complete ID at 1925. African pop style vocals at 1926. Very nice signal, easy to follow at 444 SIO. (AirspyHF+Discovery)

Radio Habana Cuba, 15140 kHz. Tune-in 1750 with traditional Cuban music. male/female announcer duo with station infor, and ID into station interval signal/station ID in Spanish/English. Additional station info/freqs at 1800. Spanish heard 11760 kHz from 1730 and 2050 recheck. Signal was noted intermittently on and off up to brief Cuban music I.S. at 2058. "Esta es Radio Habana Cuba." into station frequency/meter band. Items on Cuba. Parallel programming on 5040 (232) 13740 (444) 9640 (SIO 434) 15370 (434). No signal on scheduled 11850, 15110, 15630 kHz. Cuba's Radio Rebelde 5025 kHz at 2105. (SIO 333)with Spanish programming. (AirspyHF+Discovery)

Cuban Number Station HMO1 11530 from 1830-1845. YL's Spanish five-digit number after raft signal. Same on 11635 from 1800 tune-in. (AirspyHF+Discovery)

All India Radio, 11560 kHz (Banglalore). Just barely audible at 322 SIO. Dari service of lady's Asian music vocals. Schedule 1400-1415. Intermittent program pauses for announcement, noted  amid the music program. Announcer's station info 1415, as programming continued, despite listed 1415 sign-off. Considerably better on 11560 recheck on subsequent days with 434 SIO.

Tentative log as Voice of Indonesia 4750, 1855. Lady's Indonesian musical vocals to 1858. Announcement to instrumental melody and 1901 fanfare to male's news script of news format at 1901. Fair-poor signal.Noted on 3325 kHz male reading script, interspersed with lady as with 4750 format. May have been parallel but very poor. (Bandung, Indonesia SDR)

Radio Kuwait-Classical Arab Music program, 1269 kHz. Tentative as station from 1905 tune-in. Continuous Arabic music with fair-poor signal as SIO 322.Radio Kuwait Quran program in Arabic from 1700 on 630 kHz to 1759. Program ID 1800, followed by music vocals. Main Program in Arabic on 540, no sign of // 1134 kHz. Radio Kuwait Quran on 630 kHz 1900-2000; Main Program in Arabic from 1910 tune-in on 540 // 1134 kHz (434) (Qatar SDR)

ORTM Radio Mali 5995. Tune-in 1925 with S5 signal, next day same at 2015. African highlife vocals in ethnic language to 2023. Male's voice-over, likely same language. Fair-good signal quality on second log SIO 333. Schedule to 0000. English news 1850-1900, 1900-1910, and Saturday 1905-1920. (Johannesburg, South Africa SDR)

Voice of Nigeria 11770 kHz, 1930-2005. Fulfulde listed service as male reading script at tune-in, followed by male/female conversations about Nigeria which included phone calls. Good signal, no fading at SIO 434. Recheck 2002 during newscript covering Nigeria. Flute/drum fanfare between segments.(Air Spy HF+ Discovery).

Radio Sultanate of Oman. No signal observed for a few days, recovering for a gang busters strength on medium wave. Arabic from 1900 on 576, 603, 639, 1278. (SDR Qatar)

Radio Pilipinas 9960 kHz (SIO 433) 1830-1930. Good to discover this station did not leave  shortwave, as other hobby press had reported earlier. Tune in at 1830 (actual program begins 1730) with Filipino programming. Mix of English throughout conversations, and talk about the Philippines. Heard on // 12120 (SIO 333) and 15190 (343) kHz.(Philippine SDR)

Saudi Arabia
SBA Call of Islam 594 // 783 (very poor). Arabic text from 1805 tune-in. Schedule listed to 0000. Call of Islam recheck 1850-1900 on 594, 783 and 1422 kHz. Conditions considerably better than in past days. Radio Saudi General Program 1805 in Arabic just barely there on 9555, better with  the // Arabic music on 9870 kHz. Radio Saudi on 9555 kHz at 2215-2230. Two males trade Arabic conversations to 2300. (SIO 434) // 9870 (SIO 433). Radio Saudi in Arabic on 15205, from 1620 tune-in. (SIO 434) SBA Saudi Radio International 9675-Turkish service. Reading script to 2000. Presumed newscript 2000-schedule runs to 2057. Dreadful signal for SBA Radio Saudi General Program at 2005 on 9555 // 9870 in Arabic. SBA Quran 1900 on 531, 567, 576, 567, 630 (SIO 444), 657, 765, 792, 855, 873, 936, 1512 kHz. (Air Spy HF+Discovery).

United States
Monitoring stations under USAGM (U.S. Agency for Global Media). Radio Marti 11860 kHz. Cuban jamming present from 1730. Spanish text barely heard under the mess, on jamming on // 11930, 13605. Subsequent checks the next day with no jamming present from 1605 tune-in. Voice of America 13630 from 1735 in Portuguese. No sign of // 17655 kHz.(AirspyHF+-Discovery) VOA Deewa Radio on 12035 from 1300-1900 in Pashto. Radio Free Asia in Chinese via Kuwait relay on 11745, from 1820 tune-in. Traditional Asian instrumentals to text (SIO 333).

EWTN/WEWN 12050 from 1610 tune-in. Spanish text to Spanish religious pop vocals. (SIO 434). WWCR on 12160 with similar format playing old religious hymn from 1615. English service schedule runs to 1900. (Air Spy HF+Discovery) 
(QSLs/Gayle Van Horn Collection)