Wednesday, September 16, 2020

IRCA-Mexican Log, 23rd edition, now available


IRCA Mexican Log, 23rd Edition (Fall 2020)

The IRCA MEXICAN LOG lists all AM stations in Mexico by frequency, including call letters, state, city, day/night power, slogans, schedule in UTC/GMT, formats, networks and notes. 

The call letter index gives call, frequency, city and state. The city index (listed by state, then city) includes frequency, call and day/night power. The transmitter site index (listed by state, then city) tabulates the latitude and longitude of transmitter sites. 

Also, in this edition, there is a spread sheet with links to web sites, live broadcasts and facebook page of many of the Mexican stations. This is an indispensable reference for anyone who hears Mexican radio stations.

The 2020-2021 Mexican Log .pdf is posted on the IRCA website for all to download. The link is:
Thanks to Tim Hall for his dedicated work on this.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, additions, and corrections regarding this list. Please write to Mexican Log editor Tim Hall at Thank you
(IRCA DX News/22 Sept, Vol 87, No. 20)