Monday, September 13, 2010

Blog Logs

All times uTC // parallel frequency *sign-on/sign-off*

15345.00, 2346-0020, Radio Nacional. The usual Sunday-Monday (UT) relay the regional station “Radio Nacional Santa Fe. Excited fútbol coverage in Spanish, 0000 UTC time pips, 0011-0020 break for news items about Santa Fe then bck to fútbol coverage. SIgnal almost good. Audio file with nice ID at . has audio streaming for “LRA 14 Radio Nacional Santa Fe” (Escuchar en vivo/Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX).

2368.5, 0902-0917, (presumed) Radio Symban. Listed as Greek. Male/female announcers with brief comments over music. Musical wind instruments with talk at 0911, into animated exchange between announcers, similar to logging posted by Ron Howard, CA. Signal poor-fair, surprisingly decent signal strength holding up well with band noise. Nothing heard following day, during same time. (Scott Barbour, NH)

6134.79v, 0039-0108.* Radio Santa Cruz. Latin American pop and ballad music, 0103-0106 series of clear IDs “Radio Santa Cruz . . . La Paz.” Off with flute music along with a song about “Santa Cruz.” Signal started out poor, but slowly improved as signal faded up. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

6134.80, 0103-0115, Radio Santa Cruz. Announcer's Spanish language comments which is noted as fading in and out more or less. At 0104 a second male talks briefly then into music. Signal was poor.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

9600, 2124-2135.+ China Radio Int'l (presumed). English show Weekend Edition magazine program with This Week in History. English/Chinese at 2130 went into feature using falling in love as the basis. SIO=3+23 with wind howl interference, USB reduces it, LSB makes it terrible. Cannot find any discrete source. (Harold Frodge-MI/Cumbre DX)

6065,1212, CNR2/CBR. They did not abandon this frequency as I first thought, now on a new schedule with them signing off much earlier than the ex 1605,* off sometime before 1256, but have not caught the exact time yet, parallel 6155, which is not on this new schedule. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

6135, 1423, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Yamata. Tuesday is still the best day to try to catch
this programming in stilted Chinese, which is not used every week, fair with no jamming yet. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

3912, 2135-2142, South Korea- Voice of the People, Goyang. Korean talks, SINPO 13331, jammed, \\ 6518, 6600 kHz audible, but also terrible reception.

6600, 2132-2140, Voice of the People \\ 3912, SINPO 32431 - signal jammed, \\ 6518 was even worse. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 7/BC DX 979 wb, Germany)

Equatorial Guinea
15190, 2242-2259.* Radio Africa. Usual programming with Tony Alamo along with a woman reading from a letter. Requested money to send bibles to China. Signal interference from WYFR, but almost fair. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

4900, 2320-2330 (tentative) Familia FM. Music to 2324 when it is interrupted by a male and female in French language comments. After comments, more hilife type music is presented. Signal was poor. Could not find any information about this station except for one entry in AOKI on 4900 KHz. Checked the station's web page which was all in French, but nothing mentioned about 4900 KHz. At 2337 a female (same one as before) commences with chatter again. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

3250.05, 1133-1140.+ Radio Luz y Vida. Local off-key choral group, followed by man/woman with Spanish religious chat. Quotes from Timoteo. Good signal but considerable static noise. (John Wilkins, CO)

4750, 1005-1020, RRI Makassar. Initially noted the usual Islamic type chanting by a male. At 1006 a live male comments in Indonesian language. This is followed with music. Signal faded between threshold and poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4750, 1134, RRI Makassar (tentative). Long-winded Koranic singing with occasional prayer and talk. Sounded like Bahasa Indonesian, but unable to confirm via RRI live audio stream, and Makassar regional live audio not offered. Checked on Bangladesh website to make sure I didn't have them and they were happily playing light pop. (Al Muick, Pattaya, Thailand)

5010.0 0031-0123, AIR Thiruvananthapuram. Male/female announcers to fade out with news and discussion, mentions of Mumbai. Into sub-continental music at 0055, signal gone by 0123.
(Chuck Rippel, VA/Cumbre DX)

4970, 1241, AIR Shillong. English with the Hit Parade pop music show, 1315 “important announcement” that AIR Shilong will conduct audition tests for an announcer in Hindi on October 6 at 11 AM at the studios of Shillong. Youth Time show, 1335 “over to Delhi” for sports news in Hindi (briefly became // 9425 and 9470). Interview with a Shillong conservationist about trees. One of their better receptions

11960 Jordan Radio from Al Karanah site in Arabic noted on air this morning Sept 13 when turning-on my Eton E1 set at 0405 UT, signal S=6-8 deep fluttery, at still local dark in Germany. At 0420 increased reception, signal up to S=9+20dB. Short break in transmission, feed-off at 04.30:45 UT midst in sentence, transmitter off from 04.31:20 to 04.32:20.

Fifty minutes morning news program til 04.49:30. International politics report by female and male announcer, as well as phone interviews and orchestra jingles in between. Politics with Hillary Clinton on Sharm El-Sheikh. 0445-0447. International sports report, European soccer leagues results, tennis tournament New York report. Arabic music at 0450 to 04.52:22 when transmitter at Al Karanah site switched off midst on music broadcast.

Jordan Radio Amman 11960 kHz came not back on air again, when checked between 0452 and 0515.

Jordan on shortwave is not regular anymore at scheduled 0500-0715, rather noted - irregularly not every day - at 0400-0500 UT slot. (wb, Germany/HCDX)

15540, 1814, Radio Kuwait. English program about Islam to 1815, then then rap, rock and pop music. Fair signal. (Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Sept 4/BC DX 979 wb, Germany)

7145, 1306, Lao National Radio. After a considerable absence they have returned again. News in French followed by Laotian songs till 1331 theme music. Usual canned ID (“this is the Lao National Radio, broadcasting from Vientiane, the (Lao?) Democratic Republic. Our English language is broadcast twice daily at 1300 hours and 2030 hours local time, which is 7 hours ahead of GMT. It is transmitted on a frequency of 97.25 MHz. on FM”). Local news (the President of India to visit Laos tomorrow. Laos won the most prizes at an ASEAN competition recently held in Bangkok. News of crop damages, etc., 1350 Laotian music and segment about a Buddhist festival held in Laos, 1356 ID and “now come to our international news, 1400 sign-off. Very nice to have them broadcasting again!(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

7295, 0810, RTM Traxx FM. Heard with R&B, Soul and DJ patter in English with good signals. Second check at 0900 revealed almost 6dB increase in signal level. Possible change in antenna or transmitter power? (Al Muick, Pattaya, Thailand)

5995, 2205-2219, ORTM Mali, Kati. Vernacular, talks, folk songs. SINPO 45433, very weak modulation, but a bit better on Sept 4. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 7//BC DX 979 wb, Germany)

783, 2148, R. Mauritanie, Nouakchott. Arabic prayer, SINPO 54444. Interferences and inaudible at times, so nearly 55444 rating, \\ 4845 kHz. 7245 1207. Arabic news bulletin, SINPO 35443. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 7/BC DX 979 wb, Germany)

5915, Myanma Radio. Heard here on both September 7 and 8. There are now three stations mixing together here. Strong CRI along with Myanmar and an unidentified station. Is unfortunate they do not permanently move up to 5920, which is a completely clear frequency for the 1330 to 1500 time period. Myanmar’stwo-three day move up to 5920 was perhaps a frequency entry error, or perhaps an experiment to see how well they were heard there? Will keep checking. (Ron Howard, CA)

5920 Myanmar minorities program had moved from 5915 to 5920 noted today for the 0930 past 1330 UT transmissions. Could be to avoid the evening BBC co-channel. (Victor Goonetilleke-CLN 4S7VK, DXplorer Sept 2)

Here is the complete schedule of the English transmissions of Radio
9730 sign-on 0230 with English program to 0330, into Burmese program.

9730 English ID at 0700-0730 then again Burmese to 1000 *

5985 Close-down in Burmese at 1529, into English ID 1530 to past 1615, thus sign-off presumed at 1630.

Program consists largely of local and international news, sometimes followed by some slogans, weather and mostly music. (Gerhard Werdin touring in Kanchanaburi on the River Kwai, West-Thailand, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3/BC DX 979, wb, Germany)

New Zealand
6170, 1301-1334, Radio New Zealand International. News, mainly about the earthquake, followed at about 1305 by the usual South Pacific actualities program "Tagata o te Moana". Surprisingly, no extra earthquake coverage. (John Wilkins, CO)

Papua New Guinea
3334.96, 1301-1325.+ Radio East Sepik. English news in progress. Station ID and disco music at 1305. Chatty male announcer between songs with occasional mention of East Sepik, still in English. Good signal. (John Wilkins-CO)

3335, 1000-1015, Radio East Sepik. Noted male/female presenting the news in Pidgin language. However, the audio was too muffled to understand. The signal's strength however was at a fair level. (Chuck Bolland,FL)

3385, 1007-1017, Radio East New Britain. Male's Pidgin language comments. Although the the signal was at a fair level, a utility station on the same frequency caused interference. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

7325, 1010, Wantok Radio Light. English/Pidgin religious programming but being hit hard by
Chinese Radio Internaitonal in Japanese. Fair signal level. (Al Muick, Pattaya, Thailand)

4775, Radio Tarma, 1025-1035, Booming in with huaynos music this morning. Never heard an ID due to the fact that the music was non-stop. After 1035, the signal began to fade from a reasonably fair signal to threshold. (Chuck Bolland,FL)

6019.26, 0953-1005. David Miranda, the preacher in his usual 0953-1005 sermon type comments. At 0959, canned ID by a different person. Heard some words like "Kilohertz"
but not all. After the canned ID, Miranda returns to his sermon. Signal was poor with a hetrodyne causing interference. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5930, Radio Rossii, Pet/Kam, 1240. The first day I have noticed the absence of the awful motor-boating sound produced by their transmitter; instead just a persistent hum. Now if they could just clean up the hum this would indeed be enjoyable reception, as they do have a strong signal.(Ron Howard, CA)

Russia/Moldova (Pridnestrovia) 9665, *2350-0018, Radio PMR. Carrier up at 2350 with slight
signal hum and test tones from 2354, abruptly off 2355:29. Tones back up 2358:04, English ID 0000:26, into lame news items (they like the word "informational" for some reason), with such exciting topics as corn prices. Ukraine-bashing and East Slavs are good. Nice things to say about other breakaway regions such as "Arkhangelsk" (not sure if they were referring to the Oblast or somewhere else). Amusing conclusion to the English program: "That's all for today. Our program is over." Into French at 0015 UT. Huge signal.(Terry L Krueger-FL-USA, DXplorer Sept 3/ BC DX 979, wb, Germany)

Solomon Islands
5020, 0926-0935, SIBC. Male in English talks, native music. Static noise, SINPO 23222. (Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil/Cumbre DX)

South Korea
6015 0539-0548. KBS Hanminjok Bangsong SINPO 44444 Korean, talk and music. Station ID and address announcement at 0539. (Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, JPNpremium Sept 3/BC DX 979 wb, Germany)

Sri Lanka
7189.72, 1219-1231.* Sri Lanka BC. Continues to be heard with stronger signal than normal and also on this lower than usual frequency. Choral national anthem at sign-off. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

7210, Voice of Vietnam -1. Quick check at 1316, found them in Vietnamese. At my location only VOV heard with no trace of PBS Yunnan. Clearly // 5975, 7435 and 9635. All mostly fair. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

6065, 1507, Radio Christian Voice/CVC. Pop African songs, 1514 start of a religious sermon by an excited African preacher in vernacular via long path. Recently I noticed that CNR-2/China Business Radio has abandoned this frequency, leaving it clear for reception of Zambia; almost fair. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

4828, 0357-0405, ZBC (Gweru). English/Vernacular. Slow pop music. Stringed instrument at 0359 alternating with short announcements by a man. Talk by man at 0400, possibly news. Poor signal with CODAR interference. Best signal strength this year, but still difficult to understand spoken segments. At times the language sounded like English, but at other times more like a local dialect.(Jim Evans, TN)