Thursday, September 02, 2010

Radio Caroline to replace masts of Ross Revenge

UK-based Radio Caroline says on its website about its radio ship Ross Revenge, which just completed a weekend of low power (licensed) transmissions on mediumwave 531 kHz on 31 August:

“As you may have heard the twin masts on board the ship need to be taken down and a new aerial system installed, likely to take the form of a new central mast. It’s a fairly lengthy and expensive procedure, but we do hope to have the work completed by Easter 2011.

“What of further broadcasts on 531? We had already planned for the New Year holiday 2010/11 to be included within the current set and we will make great efforts try and ensure this still goes ahead, regardless of whether the Ross still has its mast by then or not.”
(Source: Radio Caroline/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)