Friday, September 03, 2010

Radio Bulgaria DX Program

This is Radio Bulgaria’s weekly DX Program for radio amateurs and short wave fans and DXers which is included in our one-hour broadcasts starting as follows: Friday at 21.00 UTC on 5900 and 7400 kHz beamed to West Europe, at 23.00 UTC and Saturday at 02.00 UTC on 9700 and 11700 kHz to North America, as well as in the half-hour broadcast at 06.30 UTC on 9600 and 11600 kHz to West Europe.

In this issue by DX Editor Dimiter Petrov, LZ1AF, with Broadcast Tips by Rumen Pankov:

Pakistan Hams Appeal for Help
Hardship continues after the devastating floods in Pakistan that have claimed 1,700 lives and left 14 million people homeless. The Pakistan Amateur Radio Society (PARS) reports that both mobile and landline services are cut and could take months to restore.
PARS, in association with Islamabad Jeep Club and Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians has started disaster relief activities. This includes providing food, tents and medical support to the northern flood affected areas. The Indus River swollen by intense summer monsoon rainfall last month has wreaked havoc as it flowed across Pakistan.

In response to the communications failure PARS and the Islamabad Jeep Club have set up two teams to provide links with affected areas. PARS has a 2-meter repeater in place providing a weak signal into affected areas enabling some use of hand-held radios. PARS has asked the international amateur radioi community for help it needs: three 144 – 430 MHz cross band repeaters, hi-gain dual band antennas, power supplies, 100 foot lengths of coaxial cable with connectors, and 2-meter hand-held transceivers.

Inquiries about this matter should be directed to the PARS President, Nasir Khan, AP2NK at: .
JY7P - Jordan

The Royal Jordanian Radio Amateur Society (RJRAS) has organized a special weekend dedicated to the city of PETRA, to promote tourism to Jordan and PETRA in particular. As PETRA is one of the seven wonders of the world, RJRAS decided to use the call JY7JP (JY indicating Jordan, 7 indicating one of the seven wonders of the world and P for PETRA). A number of operators will participate in this event with the following equipment: 3 HF directional antennas, 1 HF vertical antenna, 2 HF dipoles, 1 VHF antenna for local communications, 4 HF transceivers 100 watts each and 1 VHF transceiver 100 watts for local communication.

The event shall take place in the city of PETRA beginning on September 17 and running to 23.59 UTC on September 19. 2010. This will give about 70 hours on the air.

YK1BA – Syria

Saad, N5FF, will be active September 6 to 17 from Syria as YK1BA with with priority for those needing YK for a new entry/band/mode. He has posted the following on

“Don’t call me if you have already worked me and confirmed the QSO. This will definitely help thin down the pile up and give betterchance to others to be heard and worked. Insurance QSOs are OK if you are uncertain about the first QSO. However, you don’t need to work me 6 times. I usually don’t move to the next QSO till I’m certain that I have copied the call correctly. One insurance QSO is enough. Also, I usually tell you “in log” or “QSO” if you work me again. Please LISTEN. When I call a certain number or a certain area, I will only work those that I call and anyone else that calls me will not be worked. Please LISTEN. I will give my info frequently, so please don’t break in and ask for the call, QSL info, etc. Please don’t ask me to QSY to another band or mode during a pile up. Also, please don’t ask for schedules.”

Jarvis Island, KH5
Eric, K3NA, with a group called “Radio Expeditions, Inc.” had announced earlier they were working on a major operation from Jarvis Island, KH5 in the Pacific. On August 31, the US Fish & Wildlife Service announced that Eric’s group had been selected to conduct an operation on the island. There was one other group who had applied for permission to go. The DXpedition is now planned for November of 2011, to allow sufficient time to schedule and prepare the MV Braveheart for the trip. Further information will be released as it becomes available.

Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Broadcastin Corporation was heard in Sofia on 6005 kHz at the beginning of its program in English at 00.56 hours with the national anthem, at 03 hours with a Christian religious program on 9770 kHz, and after 03 hours until the end of the broadcast on 15745 kHz. Only on Sunday the broadcast continues until 05.03 hours with religious programs on the same frequencies.

USA. In the subband from 9200 to 9400 kHz are audible a variety of religious radio stations located in the USA. One of them is the famous WINB from Red Lion, Pennsylvania broadcasting from 00 to 03, from 11 to 15 and from 21 to 00 hours on 9265 kHz, from 15 to 16 and from 18 to 20 hours on 9335 kHz, and from 20 to 21 hours on 13570 kHz. The station relays programs of other stations as well.

Germany & Monaco. Radio Armonia from a studio in Iashi, Romania is received in Sofia only on Saturday on 9440 kHz from 10 to 10.30 hours and from 15.30 to 16 hours. The programs are emitted from transmitters located in Germany.

India. A station broadcasting in the Hindi language, most likely from Gorakhpur and announcing itself as “All India Radio” was heard in Sofia with a weak signal at 17 hours on 3945 kHz.

Botswana, Sao Tome & USA. Radio Voice of America English Language African Service was received between 20 and 21 hours on 1530, 4930 and 4940 kHz. Transmitters located in Botswana and Sao Tome. On 4940 kHz the programs are emitted only on Saturday and Sunday.

Caucasus. Apsua Radio from Soukhumi, Abkhazia is received in Sofia almost daily from 04 to 05 hours on 9535 kHz.

China & Russia. Radio China International broadcasting in Turkish from a 1200 kW transmitter located in Krasnodar, Russia was reported from 19.30 to 20 hours on 1170 kHz.

Sudan. Different stations broadcast on a disputed, in their opinion, frequency of 7200 kHz in the end of the 40 meter HAM band. One of them is from Sudan and was heard in Sofia at 04 hours with the announcement Huna Omdurman Idaatu Jumhuriya Sudan, i.e. Here is Omdurman, the Radio of the Republic of Sudan.

USA. A rarely received radio was heard in Sofia with a program in Portuguese – Radio Miami International, known also as WRMI at 05 hours on 9955 kHz.

Thank you for being with us. Your opinions and suggestions will be appreciated and all reception reports confirmed with the QSL card of Radio Bulgaria. Please address your letters to English Section, Radio Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria or by e-mail to . An online reception report form is available at – click on English and navigate.
So, 73 and DX!
Source: DXprogram September 3, 2010
(Yimber Gaviria, Colombia/playdx2003)