Monday, September 13, 2010

HCJB Plans for new transmitter site in Ecuador

Stephan Schaa of VozAndes Media in Germany explained that after HCJB dismantled its shortwave transmitter site in Pifo, Ecuador, the equipment was donated to HCJB's German branch. This included a 100-kilowatt HC-100 HF transmitter, two 33-kilowatt Siemens linear transmitters which have been tested by HCJB with four kilowatts in DRM mode, and two 10-kilowatt regional shortwave transmitters, one of which is operating on 6050 kHz. The donation also included antennas and transmission lines. VozAndes Media has a plan to build a new shortwave transmitter site somewhere else in Ecuador within 6 to 12 months, although a site has not yet been located. The plan is to broadcast in German, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as some regional South American languages such as Quichua. Broadcasts will be targeted primarily at Latin America, although there would also likely be broadcasts to Europe in German with the 100-kilowatt transmitter. Some DRM transmissions are planned.
(NASB Sept 2010)