Friday, September 17, 2010

RFE's Pakistan broadcast boosted to nine hours a day

RFE’s broadcasts to the Pashtun regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan have expanded from six to nine hours a day, as of yesterday. Amid the growing number of extremist-controlled radio stations in the region, Radio Mashaal (”Torch” in Pashto) covers local and international news with independent reports on terrorism, politics, women’s issues, and health care. Broadcasts on 621 kHz are now at 0400-1300 UTC. The expanded schedule on shortwave is as follows:

0400-1300 UTC on 12130 kHz
0400-0900 UTC on 15175 kHz
0400-0900 UTC on 15740 kHz
0900-1300 UTC on 12030 kHz
0900-1300 UTC on 15360 kHz
(Source: RFE/RL/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)