Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Blog Logs

Blog Log audio for September 6, 2011 Azad Kashmir

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

Logs edited for clarity

11710.43, RAE 0156. End of program in Portuguese; 0056-0100 tinkly eight note interval signal with occasional "RAE, Argentina" IDs. Time ticks 5+1, then usual fanfare music theme with Spanish ID by male/female announcers - then multi-lingual IDs. Possible Japanese program to 0157. Same interval signal routine. Time ticks, and fanfare to ID routine. Male announcer at 0202 with three news headlines. "Unlimited sounds on the international service of the Argentine radio". Male/female host chatter and program rundown. Talk about a Cumbia artist, followed by music. Fairly decent with a very subtle drift. (Dave Valko, PA/HCDX)

2368.5 Radio Symban 1007. Strong enough to hear and differentiate music and talk, but that's about it. Nice to get some audio though. A lot of thunderstorm static crashes. (Dave Valko,PA/HCDX)

2368.49, Radio Symban 0935-1006. Ballads in listed Greek. Announcer at 1005. Fade-in by 1000 UTC. Signal poor in ECCS-USB when there was enough signal for it to lock onto. (Scott Barbour, NH)

9745 Radio Bahrain 2204-2257. Nothing but nonstop Arabic vocals and Arabic music. Noted jammed in LSB. Clearer in USB. Another co-channel station came on at 2230 and was equal to slightly stronger after 2237. Rado Romania International came on at 2257 and wiped it out. May have had this earlier at 1934 heavily jammed then as well. (Dave Valko, PA/HCDX)

3309.97, Radio Mosoj Chaski Cochabamba 0831-0841. Spanish sign-on announcement in progress. Male/female announcers with brief talks between ballads. Poor-fair signal. (Scott Barbour, NH)

4111, Radio Virgen de Remedios, Tupiza (very tentative). 0102-0112. Noted a carrier, at brief moments sounded like talks but it's uncertain. At intervals, a pulse noise. Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil/HCDX)

6134.813, Radio Santa Cruz, 2345-2359. Noted program of music and comments. Very pleased to hear this still on. Signal fair with local thunderstorm interferences. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

3375.42, Radio Municipal Cachoeira 0939. Portuguese ballads and 'canned' announcements at 0943. Signal poor. (Scott Barbour, NH).

4915.009, Radio Difusora Macapa, 2330-2345. Not quite faded in yet, but noted a male in Portuguese with comments between Brazilian style musiuc. Canned ads and promos noted at 2345. SIgnal poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

4940, Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou 1028-1041. Chinese ballad at tune-in with announcement and solid station identification at 1030. Ad string, then back to ballads at tune-out. SIgnal poor - best in ECCS-LSB. (Scott BArbour, NH)

3945, Radio Nikkei 2, Chiba-Nagara. 0851-0900 Pop ballads in Japanese by female singer selections. In a battle against Vanuatu, but Nikkei 2 prevailing; last heard in March, SINPO 32533. Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil/HCDX)

9835, RTM Kajang 1121-1203. Pop ballads in listed Malay with female announcer between selections. Qu'ran recitations frm 1150 with occasional female's talk and Arabic sounding talk at 1202. Into snippet of Arabic music, then back to Malay ballad at tune-out. No discernible ID noted. Signal poor-fair. (Scott Barbour, NH)

3975, Azad Kashmir Radio, Islamabad. 0042-0050. Urdu/Kashmiri (listed) music probably local Folk, short Qu'ran, male and female talks, back Qu'ran. SINPO 35533. Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil/HCDX)

4990, Radio Apintie Paramaribo, 0846-0902. Male announcer with lengthy talk in listed Dutch. 'Canned' announcement to choral music at 0855. Percussion/bongo music at 0858. Ad string at the hour amid weak but clear signal. Best logging in some time. (SCott Barbour, NH)

4989.98 Radio Apintie, Paramaribo. Strange mixture of songs after 0907. Carnival like song, fast version of presumed national anthm, followed by male announcer's mention of f Apintie, and female's spiritual talk. Male again at 0918 with mentions of FM stereo and Internet. Strong but very low modulation. (Dave Valko,m PA/HCDX)

9920, KNLS Anchor Point 1110. CHinese musical ballad and female announcer's talk and station URL mentioned. Signal battling for dominance with co-channel FEBC Bocaue featuring male announcer's lengthy talk in unid language. Signal was fair with constant "siren" effect heard throughout. (Scott Barbour, NH)