Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monitoring observations on NBC Buka vs. RRI Palangkaraya

Papua New Guinea vs Indonesia on shortwave

Recently I have been noticing more logs being reported for NBC Buka on 3325, some not even listed as tentative or presumed. I am not the definitive expert on this matter and can of course only report on what I have heard here at my west coast location, but I respectfully suggest that RRI Palangkaraya might be an alternate possibility (probability?). J-Peace (Japan) ), like myself, is a regular monitor of Asian/Pacific/Oceania stations. His site is regularly being updated with new recordings. His last recordings for NBC Buka are back in early 2009. That corresponds to and confirms my observations. During my monitoring during the 1200 UT time period, I always hear RRI Palangkaraya. For those who wonder about the quality of my reception and how I can be sure I am in fact hearing Palangkaraya, I refer you to the recent reception in English, with several clear references to Palangkaraya:

and please also listen to this series of IDs in Bahasa Indonesia:

I present this as something to think about and it is not intended as a criticism of anyone. My goal is to help improve the quality of our reporting.

Good listening to all!
(Ron Howard, Monterey, CA/Cumbre DX)