Monday, September 12, 2011

Is Radio a Dying Medium ?

by Nickie Wang

Back in college, we were taught that radio is the theater of the mind because tuning in a radio program involves a lot of imagination. We rely on sounds to create pictures of what we hear from it so listeners are able to think and be attentive—a good exercise for our brain cells.

Also in college, we were told that radio is in peril because of the dominance of more influential media like the television and the Internet. Whether it’s music, drama, or talk show, the aforementioned media are always on the top of mind.

Most media consumers nowadays, most especially in the Philippines are relatively young. That is why you will receive an affirmative answer if the question “Is radio broadcasting a thing of the past?” is asked. Sure, they can easily relate when you tell them about podcasting and streaming.

One of the first lessons we learned about radio is that it is very accessible. Buying a transistor radio is cheaper than buying a television set and it can still operate without electricity. Not everybody realizes that radio is still a major player in the world of communication particularly in journalism. In music, amid the presence of MTV and YouTube, radio is still leading force.

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